Josh Grulich – working in Client Coverage for Standard Chartered

Josh tells us what it's like being an international graduate in the US


Could you describe your role?

I am moving between different teams in the bank to learn about each and find out where I want to be placed full time. My role changes as I rotate, but currently I am doing the work of a client manager to assist the relationship manager in all communications and systems with clients.

Are there any quotes you live and work by?

No, but I believe that you get out what you put in, so taking the initiative and seeking out learning opportunities is critical for success.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

Don’t be afraid to ask questions, especially when you're new in a company.  Remember everyone was once in the same position and its normal and encouraged to ask questions.

What has been your career path, to get where you are now?

A variety of summer internships across the US government, equity research, and finally an internship converted into a full-time job with Standard Chartered.


What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced when working?

Adapting to a virtual environment; learning remotely is significantly harder than it is to learn in-person i find.

How have you built flexibility into your every day? What do you do, with your time around work?

I found a gym near work I use, so when I come into the office, often 3-4 times a week, I usually go to the gym after work. On days I work from home, I like to cook and clean with my spare time.

What advice/hints and tips, would you give to someone looking to work at Standard Chartered?

Try to get to know everyone you can and offer your assistance when you have the capacity to do so. Every task is a learning opportunity.

How should someone prepare for an interview with Standard Chartered?

Stay informed on current events and learn about the Bank’s competitive advantage.