Julius Kirumira’s global career as an Internal Auditor with Standard Chartered

Opportunities to progress at Standard Chartered are infinite. Julius Kirumira’s journey as an internal auditor represents how opportunities are only limited by the scale and size of your ambitions


An opportunity to develop and lead Oman’s new Internal Audit function marked the beginning of Julius’ international career at Standard Chartered. Support from his colleagues and his own determination embodies the Bank’s values of being a force for good, never settling and being better together.

How did you start your career in audit?

Upon graduating from university with a Bachelor of Commerce and Accounting degree, I entered the banking industry as an Officer within the Technology and Operations division at Standard Chartered. After spending a year in my role, I began looking into the multitude of career paths that were available within the banking industry. While exploring my options, I discovered the audit sector, and I instantly knew it was right for me. Following my research, I obtained a role within an internal audit team at another company. Here I was able to gain audit experience, expand my skills and develop my knowledge of the industry processes. I also returned to my academic pursuits and achieved an ACCA qualification, which was a long held academic aspiration of mine.

As a newly minted accountant, I returned to Standard Chartered as an Internal Auditor in Uganda. I have now been a member of the Bank’s audit team for 15 years. During my time at Standard Chartered, I have benefited from several opportunities that have allowed me to grow and progress through the Bank. My journey has been aided by a long list of managers who have supported, mentored, and believed in me. My time at Standard Chartered has propelled my career to new heights and I have been given numerous opportunities to undertake a variety of leadership roles, both locally and regionally.

What have been the most notable moments during your time at Standard Chartered?

In 2009, I was given the opportunity to partake in my first international assignment with Standard Chartered. I was still in the early stages of my career; I had no management experience and I had only worked with the Internal Audit team for a few years. Standard Chartered recognised my potential and gave me a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to set up a local Internal Audit function in Oman. I enthusiastically accepted the offer and prepared for the position that would forever change my career. Overnight, I transitioned from a team member of the Audit team in Uganda to the Head of Audit in Oman. The move broadened my horizon of what I was able to achieve, and I was empowered by the Bank’s belief in my capabilities. As the Head of Audit, I was the leader of the Audit team and dealt directly with senior management. The transition was initially overwhelming, especially as I had to engage with regulators in a new and unfamiliar foreign market. My team and management were incredibly supportive, and I was provided with any training I needed. With the help of my colleagues and my determination, I was soon thriving and making an impact.

My time in Oman set the tone for the future of my career and instilled me with resilience. The skills I learned prepared me to navigate the challenges of a global career and I have carried these lessons with me throughout my positions at Standard Chartered. Since my first international assignment, I have proceeded to undertake roles overseeing audit operations in Bahrain, Middle East, Europe and the U.K.

What is your current role at Standard Chartered?

In 2021, I moved to London to begin my current role as the Head of Audit for the UK and European markets. Aside from overseeing audit operations, I always prioritise training and enhancing the knowledge of the current Internal Audit team. My career would not have progressed to such heights without the support of my past colleagues, so it is important to me to pay it forward and give the next generation of auditors opportunities to further their careers. Having the opportunity to work in teams across a multitude of markets has enabled me to expand my knowledge of global audit processes and other areas such as technology. Standard Chartered’s commitment to employee development has allowed my career to flourish without constraints.

What do you enjoy about your role and working at Standard Chartered?

I have spent several years at Standard Chartered where I have performed a variety of roles across the world. My work has been incredibly fulfilling and I have been able to make a positive societal impact through my contributions. A career in auditing involves handling a great deal of responsibility and I relish in what I have been able to achieve. Life at Standard Chartered is rewarding, exciting and fast-paced, being prepared for changes within the global market keeps me on my toes and makes every day different to the last.

I have benefitted from the fantastic opportunities offered by Standard Chartered and they have made it possible to grow my career internationally. The Internal Audit team provides several routes to progress your career across borders and specialities. The range of opportunities is endless, and your success is only limited by the scale and size of your ambitions.

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