Kenneth’s Story – My Typical Working Week


I currently work as an Associate within the Algorithmic Trading Quant (ATQ) team in London. This team is responsible for the bank’s electronic trading systems and sits within the Financial Markets business function. I started off on the Standard Chartered internship programme in 2018 and have gradually worked my way up to my current role.

In my job, no two days are the same. A typical week for me consists of completing general BAU work, including overseeing client algorithms activities and cooperating with traders to optimise pricings. I also work on a large scope of interesting projects, such as operational safety and coding up new trading logics.

My role is very rewarding and there’s always something new to get stuck into. If I find myself getting a bit tired of one project, I switch to another and return to the previous one at a different time. It’s a good way to keep my mind focused and get work done to the best of my ability. I like working on a variety of projects as it allows me to figure out what I enjoy doing and what I don’t enjoy doing as much.

Working at Standard Chartered

I was drawn to a job in banking because of the option to work anywhere in the world. Lots of other jobs don’t allow you this freedom. Standard Chartered has definitely made this happen for me, and so far I’ve had the chance to work in Singapore and now London. Even when I was working at a junior level, the bank was very supportive of me moving to different locations. This has definitely been one of my highlights of working for Standard Chartered.

The bank offers bespoke flexi-working arrangements and takes into account each induvial employee’s situation. For example, the team were very helpful when I needed to transfer to London for family reasons. I was also able to work abroad temporarily when taking a trip back home to Hong Kong to visit family.

The best advice someone has ever given me is that you are the only person who can shape your career. If you have a goal, work hard to achieve it, and you’ll find yourself exactly where you want to be.

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