Kick-starting my career on Standard Chartered’s internship programme – Bryan’s story


Bryan is currently a student at Sunway University where he is studying Financial Analysis. Having joined Standard Chartered’s internship programme in January, Bryan explains what he has learned so far on the programme and what it has been like to embark on his career in finance at Standard Chartered.

How did you find out about Standard Chartered’s internship programme?

I first encountered Standard Chartered’s internship programme at my university’s career fair. I stopped by Standard Chartered’s booth and spoke with the representatives about the internship and the exciting career opportunities it can create. The representatives explained how to apply and helped me to understand the application process. I immediately knew that Standard Chartered would be a fantastic organisation to learn about the financial industry, so I sent over my resume as soon as I got home. I heard back a few weeks later and was offered an interview - and the rest is history!

What attracted you to join the internship programme?

After meeting with Standard Chartered’s representatives at the career fair, my first impressions of the Bank were very positive. Despite the prestige of the programme, the team were beyond supportive and genuinely wanted to help me with my application. Prior to the career fair, I knew that Standard Chartered was a leading global financial organisation, so I was confident that I would benefit from a wide range of exposure to high-profile projects and clients. The internship position within the Financial Market Operation team was well suited to my degree and interests. I learned a lot about the financial market during my degree and I looked forward to expanding my knowledge at an organisation with a rich legacy and industry influence.

At the careers fair, I learned about the learning and development journey that interns embark on. I was very attracted to the Bank’s strategic approach to learning, as interns are able to harness the knowledge they acquired on Standard Chartered’s learning programme in various practical assignments that assist the existing team with real operations.

Can you tell us a little about your first few weeks?

During the first few weeks of my internship, I began an intensive learning programme to familiarise myself with the main services offered by the Financial Market Operations team. I have been working within the Customer Data Management sub-team of the function, so I spent a lot of time getting to know them at the start of the internship. My team have all been very patient with me and dedicated time to teaching me how to successfully perform my daily tasks.

Besides being acquainted with my team and the responsibilities of my role as an intern, I attended a four-hour training course that provided me with a comprehensive overview of how Standard Chartered operates and the current financial market. During the training programme, I was exposed to a variety of financial market products and business support functions such as the basics of banking, cyber security, internal controls and risk management. I also attended lots of welcome activities designed to help interns to build their network and align with Standard Chartered’s culture. I even took a short course in sign language so I could communicate with everyone at the Bank.

What surprised you about working for a large bank?

My experience of working for a large organisation has both similarities and differences from what I expected. The Bank’s well-planned structure is exactly what I had anticipated. Each individual has a set responsibility that contributes to the strategic direction of the Bank. Prior to embarking on the programme, I had thought that working at an influential institution such as Standard Chartered may require sacrificing my work-life balance as there is such a high volume of work. I was pleasantly surprised that this isn’t the case, as a healthy balance between life and work is promoted by the Bank.

How would you describe life at Standard Chartered?

As I mentioned previously, Standard Chartered offers a hybrid approach to working and because of this, I would describe life at the Bank as flexible and employee-centric. We can choose whether we work remotely or in person, as well as having the option to work at various desks and locations around the office. The open nature of the office also means that we can communicate effectively and directly with our colleagues, so it is easy to get advice and support.

Standard Chartered recognises the importance of its employee's health and genuinely cares about our wellbeing. Because of this, there is a relaxation room in the office that staff can use when they are tired or in need of a break. There is even a massage chair that we can use to recharge before we go back to work!

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