Lam’s story


Growing up in a modest background, I frequently faced challenges that tested my resilience. Despite numerous closed doors during my pursuit of opportunities in the banking industry, one institution stood by me: Standard Chartered. Undeterred, I adopted a new motto: Persistence is key. "Never give up. Today is tough, tomorrow will be tougher, but the day after tomorrow will shine," as beautifully stated by Sir Shubham.

My journey with Standard Chartered has been a remarkable one. The inspiring work environment spurred me onward from my initial role as a Priority Relationship Manager in 2017 to becoming a Team Manager in 2019, and ultimately a proud Branch Manager in 2020. Words fall short in expressing my gratitude for the way Standard Chartered transformed me from a junior banker to a people manager, overseeing a team of 60 staff members.

There were moments of despair, when I contemplated quitting. Yet, my managers always extended their helping hand, patiently listened to my concerns, and offered candid advice. At Standard Chartered, I never felt alone; here, I was visible, heard, and supported. My potential soared, honing not only my banking and financial expertise, but also my soft skills such as time management, critical thinking, and the art of feedback and coaching.

I am captivated by how emerging trends and technologies shape the banking industry and the world of financial investment. This dynamic environment allowed me to continually expand my knowledge while simultaneously enhancing my skills – a truly enriching experience.

At Standard Chartered, my career path is illuminated by a clear plan. This is crucial, as a HR ecosystem that nurtures my enthusiasm into action and vision becomes the linchpin of my progress. Esteemed experts from the renowned "Business Review" emphasise that passion devoid of a clear vision lacks longevity and does not contribute to our holistic well-being. While my passion and goodwill were present, taking the leap required a supportive employer, especially amid the challenges posed by the global pandemic and the trials encountered by every Gen Y individual. Every time I formulated an audacious strategy, both my management and HR readily offered their backing.

Throughout my tenure with the Bank, three pivotal steps have transformed my passion into a thriving endeavour: a crystal-clear vision, a meticulously crafted plan, and a steadfast vison accompanying me on this journey. If you possess a passion for something and recognise in your capabilities, don't let your dreams languish – take the necessary steps and have faith in your abilities. The audacious emerge as champions.

Success becomes tangible when your employer shares your resolve. I firmly believe that the Standard Chartered community awaits me as my next destination for career growth. This approach has proven successful in countless daily business scenarios, where dreams were actualised.

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