Lan Anh – Building relationships one step at a time

The pandemic may have previously created a barrier for employees to form meaningful bonds, but Lan Anh is determined to not let it stop her in this new hybrid-work age


My desire to keep healthy habits and form closer ties with my family and colleagues was what led me to join the Moonshot Race. When our minds and bodies get healthier, it will inevitably translate into better efficiency at work and at home.

These goals may be down-to-earth, but I am reaching for the moon in a race where 2,900 colleagues from 49 countries run, walk, cycle or wheel 384,400km in 120 days - the equivalent of the distance between Earth and the Moon. That's why it's called the Moonshot race.

I’m based in Vietnam where I’m in the CCIB (Corporate, Commercial and Institutional Banking) legal team. My colleagues and I usually have many discussions and meetings together face-to-face. However, Covid-19 caused a lot of disruptions to our work and personal life. I recall that during the height of the pandemic, I barely had real-life conversations with colleagues – we only saw each other on business calls.

Now that we are able to work in a hybrid mode, I do feel the need to re-establish the connections and even strengthen them in this 'new normal'. An activity like the Moonshot Race definitely helps us to connect with each other and have fun as we work towards a common goal.

It is very exciting for me to be a part of this global event. Whenever I’m feeling tired or lazy, I always remind myself that my team members are running, so I have to do my part to shorten my team's distance to the moon.

That being said, I am no stranger to running. I have a training plan for running, and that’s why this race is so meaningful to me. Before the Moonshot Race started, I thought I needed to do something to get ready for it. I joined a Half Marathon race in Quang Binh, a province in the middle of Vietnam, and ended up in first place. One week later, I had another race, but this time it was a Full Marathon and I came in second place. With these results, I am eager and ready to reach for the moon in this race.

Currently, I am still running every day, in addition to talking and sharing running tips with my team. We do believe that we are better together and hope to become the earliest team go to the moon.

My advice for fellow athletes trying to reach for the moon?

Go further every day – set your own target then fulfil it, and go beyond it if you can.

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