Liu Wen Zhen – What it’s like being a Relationship Manager at Standard Chartered Bank, China.

Liu Wen Zhen shares her story working 10 years at Standard Chartered


2021 is my 10th year working at Standard Chartered, in those ten years my appearance, my mentality and life have all changed. For ten years, I’ve been working at the bank with brilliant colleagues who I get along with day and night and in a team that’s dedicated to serve every customer’s needs wholeheartedly. Whenever I think of this, It makes me smile and makes all the past frustrations and efforts completely worth it.

When I first started my career, I was confused and apprehensive. Fortunately, in such a diverse and energetic company like Standard Chartered, I had the opportunity to meet the most energetic and helpful group of young people.  

 One of the most memorable experiences happened to me in the summer of 2017 when I received a call from the father of one of my customers. He told me that the customer was suddenly taken ill. Even though I was on maternity leave, I immediately assisted him and made sure he was able to contact the bank and get his queries sorted. I actually paid a visit to the customer at the hospital with a colleague and handled the difficult business of him having to hand over his account responsibilities to his father.  I was very moved by the warmth given to him by Standard Chartered in such a difficult period as they made this whole process as smooth as possible for him.  

 I am very lucky to be in an excellent team. I have a line manager who has clear business direction, professional and responsible specialists' teams I get to work with and a vigorous and brave business leader.  Every achievement is proof of our team’s hard work and dedication.  

Looking back on the past, my happiest moments are always the days when I was working hard and pressing forward with my teammates! I hope I can still accompany Standard Chartered to go further in the next decade and set out to achieve all the exciting things we’ve set out for ourselves along the way. 

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