Making an impact in tech in banking – Andy’s unique career in Hong Kong

Since joining Standard Chartered, Andy Wong has seized opportunities to work with cutting-edge FinTech in the Greater Bay Area of China to enhance the Standard Charter’s digital banking services.


My first year as the lead for Tech Support Services at Standard Chartered Hong Kong, has been a whirlwind of experiences with emerging FinTech. Since joining the Bank I have been an agent of positive change by utilising cutting-edge and emerging technologies. Standard Chartered’s commitment to investing in ideas and technological innovation has enabled me to connect with countless opportunities to grow professionally and enhance digital services at the Bank.

A unique opportunity to be a driving force in the future of technology

The Greater Bay Area is a hub for tech-savvy and ambitious individuals. Hong Kong’s tech-driven ecosystem has cultivated a dynamic and innovative environment for the modern workforce to be a part of the digital future. Standard Chartered understands the integral role of fintech in the advancement of the banking sector, which is why the Bank always adopts and engages with the latest technology. Having access to the newest technology has helped me develop a niche and cutting-edge skill set that has notably advanced my career. The Bank’s unique positioning in the Greater Bay Area has generated unparalleled opportunities for me to work with the latest technologies and spearhead meaningful initiatives in an organisation that is committed to its employee's professional development and success.

Leading the global rollout of a new digital communications software to streamline internal communications

As the Lead of Executive Support Services at Standard Chartered, I am at the forefront of integrating the newest technologies into daily operations to maximise productivity and modernise the Bank’s internal digital processes. My team and I manage the implementation of new programmes and provide ongoing support to Standard Chartered’s senior leadership across 42 locations. I play a vital role in the transformation of the Bank and I have led numerous projects that have made a considerable impact on life at Standard Chartered.

The contemporary world of work is ever-changing as we advance towards an increasingly hybrid, team-based and collaborative model. As a global bank, having a reliable platform to communicate while working flexibly is non-negotiable. I am dedicated to enhancing the user experience of my colleagues and supporting them to work versatilely. This commitment culminated in a poignant milestone in my career where I led the successful global rollout of a new digital communications software. The programme streamlined internal communications and supported my colleagues to stay connected whilst working flexibly. Over 70,000 colleagues across 42 locations across the world benefited from the new collaborative platform and we have received astounding feedback on its positive impact. Working on this project was incredibly rewarding as my work has directly improved my colleague's well-being.

Ensuring system and facility stability and preparing for potential contingencies in our technology

I was able to take advantage of the new collaborative platform when I was given the responsibility to oversee communications and tech support whilst Standard Chartered’s CEO, Bill Winters, visited Hong Kong. Alongside my team, I was responsible for ensuring the CEO’s announcements were smoothly broadcasted to over 50,000 people. Having the facilities to clearly and effectively communicate with other teams within the operation drastically improved my ability to deliver the broadcast, ensure system stability and prepare for potential contingencies.

Contributing to making Standard Chartered the best place to work in the technology space

After spending a year in my role, it’s motivating to reflect on the positive impact that my team and I have made at the Bank. My role has allowed me to be an agent of change, indulge my long-held passion for fintech and build a prosperous career. Standard Chartered has provided me with the opportunity to make a real difference by creating and implementing ground-breaking technology. I am excited to continue working towards making Standard Chartered the best place to work and the best place to bank in 2023.

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