My experience as an apprentice at Standard Chartered


Charlotte Pryor joined Standard Chartered as an apprentice within the Financial Markets function. Since embarking on her journey with the Bank in August 2022, Charlotte has had the opportunity to work on meaningful projects designed to aid her professional development and had access to learning from senior leadership.

What attracted you to the Standard Chartered apprenticeship programme?

Prior to joining the apprenticeship programme, I was studying A-levels in sixth form and working part-time. University never appealed to me as I wanted to go straight into the professional world and gain first-hand working experience. Standard Chartered’s apprenticeship programme appealed to me as it gave me the opportunity to work for a global business with a footprint spanning various foreign and domestic markets. I wanted to embark on a programme that provided degree-level learning and after participating in the Bank’s virtual taster sessions, I knew that Standard Chartered would be the perfect organisation to kick-start my career in finance.

What was the interview process for the apprenticeship programme like?

Despite the application process for the programme being exceedingly competitive, it was a thoroughly enjoyable and insightful experience. I enjoyed attending the assessment centre as it gave me the opportunity to show how I worked with others but also individually. Physically attending the Bank motivated me and gave me a taste of what was to come. The whole process was incredibly personable, and I was able to have in-depth and meaningful conversations with members of the Bank. Overall, the entire process was very positive and exciting.

Can you tell us a little about your first few weeks on the programme?

The first week of the programme was a thorough induction, which I really enjoyed as it made me feel welcome and prepared to start my journey with the Bank. We had the opportunity to meet various individuals within the Bank and the networking lunch was very exciting. Having the chance to speak with existing members of the Bank was helpful as I was able to build my network from the very first week. We began our first project during the first few days of the programme, and I enjoyed working with my new colleagues to reach a common goal - I definitely could not have done it alone!

What’s the best thing about working for Standard Chartered?

Standard Chartered is a large organisation full of talented people who are willing to help. The best thing about working at Standard Chartered is the plentiful opportunities to meet new people and as everyone I have spoken to has said - there’s always something to learn!

What was it like working for a large Bank?

Working for a large Bank was everything I expected - challenging, insightful, and fast-paced. The only surprise was how welcoming everyone was. I was shocked by how much time and support senior management was happy to provide us with. Everyone at Standard Chartered is willing to help and I know I will benefit from the knowledge they have shared.

What’s the biggest challenge you have faced since embarking on the apprenticeship programme?

Upon beginning my apprenticeship with Standard Chartered, I had little professional experience other than working part-time. Adapting to a fast-paced working environment and transitioning into the existing team was challenging, but it provided me with the necessary skills to build a successful career. I am incredibly grateful for having the opportunity to work on meaningful projects from the very first week of the apprenticeship as it helped me to quickly transition into my role.

What advice would you give to someone hoping to work at Standard Chartered?

I would advise anyone hoping to work at Standard Chartered to perform thorough research and brush up on their knowledge ahead of their interview. Standard Chartered is willing to take a chance on people if they are personable and committed to achieving what they are truly capable of. It is imperative that anyone with ambitions of working with the Bank are always willing to learn and prepared to ask questions!