Jeremiah Mulenga – My favourite thing about working at Standard Chartered

Jeremiah Mulenga tells us about life at the bank as an International Graduate


What drew you to a career in banking? 

The culture at the bank is impressive, their diversity and good reputation really shines through which resonates with my personal values; I believe that the value of every life on earth is the same and that is enough to treat everyone fairly. 


What’s been your most memorable experience with Standard Chartered so far?  

When all the 2021 International Graduates were given a task to come up with a project that supports the banks Chapter Three vision. Our team made it to the final round where we had the opportunity to show our presentation to our CEO’s Benjamin Hung and Judy Hsu. The idea that they would take time out of their busy schedules to listen to our ideas was a humbling experience, this showed me early on that my voice matters at Standard Chartered. 

Could you use three words to describe life at Standard Chartered? 

Rewarding, Diverse and Reliable. 


What’s the best thing about working for Standard Chartered?

Working in a diverse and inclusive environment and having the opportunity to work and learn from colleagues all around the globe. 

What makes working at Standard Chartered unique? 

Having the opportunity to grow and interact across different teams and markets. 

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