My unique career as a Relationship Manager in Hong Kong – Angela’s story

Connecting with international opportunities and growing at Standard Chartered, Hong Kong.


After studying abroad and starting her career in mainland China, Angela moved to Hong Kong to grow her career. In the past five years, her career has benefited from the strategic location of Hong Kong as it offers investment opportunities to the global markets while attracting global investors to the China financial market. She took advantage of the opportunities to connect with global clients, new economies and innovative technologies which has allowed her to cultivate an exciting career characterised by unparalleled growth and unique experiences.

Life as a Relationship Manager in Standard Chartered Hong Kong

The Bank’s strategic positioning in Hong Kong drew me to work in the location after studying in the UK. Standard Chartered has a rich history dating back to 1859 and because of this, clients have a high degree of trust towards the Bank. Our reputation has allowed us to develop a portfolio of high-profile clients who are attracted by the opportunities to expand internationally in the Greater Bay Area. Since I joined the Bank in 2018, I have had the opportunity to work with entrepreneurs from a variety of industries. As a Relationship Manager, I am responsible for building effective and sustainable relationships with our clients by helping them to articulate their financial needs and goals. I provide them with financial advice to manage their wealth and assist them in identifying investment opportunities. Working at Standard Chartered in the Greater Bay Area has accelerated my career to heights that are not attainable in other financial markets and I can, without doubt, attribute this to the broad range of clients that I have been able to work with.

A unique opportunity to work with entrepreneurs and start-ups

Since joining the Bank, I have worked with clients across different industries, including entrepreneurs and start-up initiatives. Working with high-level clients in the Greater Bay Area has allowed me to utilise the wide range of products offered by Standard Chartered and I have helped them to carry out cross-border investments into international projects. During an exciting project with a director of a construction materials supplier, I was able to collaborate with international teams within the Bank to find the most beneficial financial solutions for the client. My contributions helped them to gather enough capital to kick-start a substantial global expansion and I am very proud of how I contributed to the client's success. Throughout the process of the project, I was able to benefit from the client's extensive experience in the international market which significantly enhanced my abilities and skillset. I have also worked with clients from industries such as manufacturing and cross-border retail who were attracted to the growing market in the Greater Bay Area.

International exposure helped accelerate my career

Thanks to the global influence and strategic positioning Standard Chartered has in the Greater Bay Area, I have had the opportunity to work with businesses from across the globe. I have recently met with clients from Belgium, France, the UK and Switzerland. The Greater Bay Area attracts substantial investors. I have taken advantage of this by establishing relationships with international clients and helping them invest in Hong Kong and other global markets. Thanks to the international exposure I have gained from meeting with foreign clients, I have developed my understanding of different cultures which has helped me to communicate with clients from diverse backgrounds. My experience is genuinely unique and I would not have gained such comprehensive exposure to the financial industry in other locations.

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