Valuable learning and career experience as a Graduate at Standard Chartered in Hong Kong – Lemon’s Story

Lemon Lam explains how the unique positioning of the Greater Bay Area has shaped his experience as a member of Standard Chartered’s Graduate Programme.


I joined Standard Chartered’s Graduate programme in 2021 within the Wealth Management team. As a business graduate, I am deeply fascinated by the wealth management industry and market-related topics. After graduating, I knew that I wanted to lay the foundations of my future career in an organisation that provided an industry-leading learning experience and opportunities to develop a global career. I applied to Standard Chartered’s Graduate Programme in Hong Kong as its positioning within the Greater Bay Area cultivates unique opportunities to connect with Hong Kong and Mainland China.

Gaining valuable experience and building an influential network through my rotation

I work closely with our clients to provide them with the most beneficial products and services to help them to grow and sustain their wealth. The graduate programme has allowed me to rotate within the different teams of my department, which has helped me to develop a well-rounded understanding of wealth management and identify my preferred role for the future. Since joining, I have spent time within teams such as Structured Products, Unit Trust, Bancassurance, Risk and Process, Investment Strategy, Private Banking, Treasury Specialists and Fund Select.

Whilst I rotated in the Fund Select team, I worked directly with Fund Houses and Portfolio Managers to choose high-quality funds for our clients. Standard Chartered’s positioning in the Greater Bay Area meant that I was able to work with high-profile clients and entrepreneurs who are drawn to mainland China and Hong Kong to benefit from the fast-growing financial market. This was a fantastic opportunity that exposed me to the key fundamentals of investment banking and wealth management in a hands-on and meaningful way.

Making an impact from day one

Standard Chartered utilises the fresh perspective of graduates to drive innovation and change by giving us the opportunity to spearhead internal projects. I worked with my fellow graduates to devise a new process that would enhance the Bank’s internal communications. We worked diligently to create a proposal that was backed by research and competitor analysis, which we then presented to the management team. Our findings were warmly received and I am incredibly proud of how my colleagues and I were at the forefront of positive change at the Bank.

Accessing expert guidance and an industry-leading network from my mentor

On the first day of the programme, I was assigned a mentor who would support me for the duration of the programme. My mentor is a senior leader at Standard Chartered, Hong Kong and has profound experience in the banking industry. He provided me with guidance and invaluable advice throughout the various projects I worked on and he was committed to my success. My mentor gave me access to his extensive network of influential leaders within the Greater Bay Area, helping me to create valuable connections within the industry. The fresh perspective of graduates is valued at Standard Chartered and my mentor made an effort to amplify my thoughts and suggestions to senior leadership. I am grateful for the continuous and dedicated support from my mentor, his guidance made it possible for me to truly benefit from the opportunities available in the Greater Bay Area.

Gaining industry exposure and hands-on experience in the Greater Bay Area

I feel I play an integral role in the Bank’s growth and development. During the programme, I have had the opportunity to contribute to various projects that have broadened my horizons and advanced my skills. The most notable project I have worked on so far was with the Investment Strategy Team, where I was assigned to prepare a daily market summary. Under the guidance of the experienced team, I learned how to analyse and write a commentary on the unique financial markets in mainland China and Hong Kong. Having exposure to markets that are growing at a rate as exponential as the Greater Bay Area is highly sought after in the Banking industry and this will, without doubt, accelerate my professional career.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my first year at the Bank. The dynamic nature of the Hong Kong market can be challenging, but with the support of my mentors, Standard Chartered’s fast-paced learning programme and healthy competition, I have been able to live up to my true potential. I feel like my contributions as a graduate have been truly valued by Standard Chartered and I have been provided with the tools and training to drive innovation and make a real difference in my role.