Nicole Yang on returning to the Bank

Meet Nicole Yang, who embarked on a remarkable journey with Standard Chartered, joining as an International Graduate and returned to the bank because of the strong bond she shares with the organisation.


I started my career with the bank in the early 2000s as an International Graduate, and my experience with the company has been nothing short of extraordinary. Throughout my tenure, I have had the opportunity to work in various roles, including strategy, frontline support, and operations, which allowed me to gain a holistic understanding of the banking industry. 

My work has taken me to different locations across China, from bustling Beijing to vibrant Shanghai and currently I am based in Hong Kong, working as a sub-team leader within China Corporate team in CCIB Hong Kong. My responsibilities primarily revolve around catering to the needs of large local corporations in the southern and western regions of China. 

Living by Standard Chartered's values is deeply ingrained in my professional and personal life. I strongly believe in doing the right thing, always striving to make ethical decisions and act in the best interests of my clients and colleagues. I’m a firm believer in collaboration and the power of teamwork and understand that by working together, we can achieve more and create a positive impact. Moreover, I’ve always had a strong aversion to complacency and firmly believe that one should never settle for mediocrity and should continually strive for improvement and growth. 

I consider myself really fortunate to have been a part of the International Graduate program, especially because it allowed me to rotate to various teams and witness the rapid growth of the People's Republic of China over the past decades. Working alongside experienced managers who possess extensive industry expertise and a growth mindset has been a fulfilling experience for me. The people at Standard Chartered were one of the key reasons why I re-joined the company. 

In terms of my goals for 2023, I believe in maintaining a growth mindset, not just in my professional life but also in my personal endeavours. I aim to embody this mindset in everything I do and hopefully through this I can inspire my team, colleagues, and those around me to embrace it as well.  

Outside of work I cherish spending quality time with my family, particularly going on tours with my husband and two children. I also really like to engage in High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and I recently joined the D&I (Diversity and Inclusion) Forum. I’d really like to envisage myself as a future generation female leader with the merits of Standard Chartered guiding this journey. 

A typical day in my life involves interacting with clients through phone calls and office visits, as well as engaging in internal collaboration with various departments and offices. As the team leader, I also dedicate my time to listen to my colleagues and team members and provide them with guidance and coaching whenever needed. Additionally, I regularly engage in self-reflection to evaluate both the successes and areas for improvement, ensuring continuous growth and development for myself and my team. 

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