Our Alumni – Emily Tang’s story

Creatively bridging people’s minds and skills to the future.


Since returning to the Bank in June 2022, Emily Tang has supported her colleagues to achieve their aspirations through her role as the Director and Hub Lead of People Capacity at Standard Chartered Hong Kong.

How have you gotten to where you are now in your career?

After spending four years working in the education sector, I wanted to broaden my horizons and try a new industry, so I took a risk and embarked on my journey into the financial industry as a Relationship Manager. This opened a new gate for me to be in the financial sector and combined my passion for learning. Starting as a Learning Manager at EY and 15 years later, I utilise my previous experience to drive positive change and upskill my colleagues as the Director and Hub Lead of People Capability at Standard Chartered Hong Kong. I credit my success to my passion for helping my colleagues to reach their full potential, being willing to take on new challenges and the undying support of my managers and colleagues.

What’s the best career advice you’ve ever received?

At the start of my career in the banking industry, I asked a manager what qualities they would look for when considering the members of their team for promotion. My manager told me that they would observe their team to identify the individuals that go above and beyond the responsibilities of their current role and perform as if they had already been promoted. I have utilised this advice throughout my career, which has helped me get ahead. I would advise anyone with ambitions to progress through the banking industry to identify the pain points experienced by management and then devise a way to support them. This shows that you understand what is required to reach a higher level and are capable of doing so. Holding yourself to a higher standard than expected of your role is a surefire way to get noticed and achieve your ambitions.

What makes working at Standard Chartered unique?

Despite having a substantial global presence, Standard Chartered is a Bank with a soul. As an organisation, we are committed to being a force for good and helping people across the world. Working at Standard Chartered is a truly unique experience that allows individuals to build prosperous and international careers, whilst benefiting from everlasting support that isn’t available in most global organisations. It is rare to find a large corporation that prioritises employee investment to the extent of Standard Chartered and I am proud of how I support the Bank’s commitment to helping people to achieve their true potential and earn their future through my role.

Tell us about an opportunity you’ve been given to make a positive impact in your role.

As the Director and Hub Lead of People Capability, I can make a real difference in my colleagues' lives. My role is similar to a gold miner; I help my colleagues to find gold within themselves. Through my responsibilities, I work with business heads to identify skills needed and invest in their people’s professional futures by driving learning and development initiatives. In my role, every day brings a new opportunity to make a genuine impact at Standard Chartered. The most notable opportunity I have been given to make a difference in my role was representing my entire function in an external competition. I was honoured that my managers and the Bank’s stakeholders trusted m