Our Alumni – Returning to my home at Standard Chartered

As a member of Standard Chartered’s prestigious alumni, Ritesh shares his accomplishments since returning to the Bank as a Senior Credit Manager in 2019.


After spending 11 years with Standard Chartered, Ritesh took a year-long hiatus to pursue an opportunity with another bank in 2018. With newly gained experience in the Credit Risk function and an undying passion to achieve his ambitions, Ritesh returned to his roots at Standard Chartered as soon as he learned of a vacancy within Standard Chartered’s Credit Risk team.

How has Standard Chartered supported you in building a successful and international career?

Since joining the Bank in 2007, I have been given countless opportunities to create a unique career that caters to my passions and ambitions. I spent seven years working with the Bank as a Wholesale Banking Credit Analyst in India before being given the opportunity to relocate to the UAE as a Head Credit Analyst. Facilitated by the Bank’s global footprint and its prioritisation of internal career progression, I was able to make an impact and gain exposure in one of the world’s fastest-growing markets. Relocating to the UAE allowed me to seize opportunities to develop my career that wouldn’t have been available in my home country. I am truly grateful for being given the opportunity to take my career to the next level and I still reap benefits from it to this day.

How do you live by Standard Chartered’s values - doing the right thing, being better together and never settle?

Standard Chartered’s values lay the foundations of every decision, incentive and project at the Bank. Upholding Standard Chartered’s commitment to being a force for good is at the heart of my role. Since returning to the Bank in 2019, I have taken on various incentives outside of my responsibilities to support Standard Chartered’s progress towards being the best place to bank and the best place to work. My colleague's well-being is incredibly important to me, which motivated me to take ownership of my colleague’s well-being and support them through various training incentives. By living by the Bank’s values, I have made a real difference in my colleagues' lives. My hard work was recognised and in 2021, I was awarded Standard Chartered’s GEM Award for going the extra mile.

What advice would you give to someone preparing for an interview with Standard Chartered?

At Standard Chartered, interpersonal skills are just as important as technical capabilities. Ahead of interviewing for a role with the Bank, it is paramount that you invest in your communication, leadership and team working skills. Identifying your strengths and how they will complement the existing team will be intrinsic to your success.

What is your professional goal for 2023?

Having recently shifted to specialised credit finance, my professional goal for 2023 is to gain a deeper understanding of the new portfolio and assist the Bank to achieve its growth aspirations in the Global Credit Market. The financial industry is evolving at an exponential rate and as a Senior Credit Manager, it is imperative that I stay up to date with the latest innovations and products. The success of my team directly correlates with our ability to stay ahead of the curve and because of this, my objective for 2023 is to proactively familiarise myself with the breakthroughs and developments of the financial industry.