Realising my Potential – Wendy’s Story


I am the Chief Product Owner of the Straight2Bank mobile app, which serves 40+ Standard Chartered presence markets. I drive the strategy of this channel offering, conceptualising customer-centric features on the app to support client growth and business value.

My team sits within the Digital Channels and Data Analytics (DCDA) business function in Singapore. I love my job because I get to build a product that directly impacts the banking experience of our corporate clients and essentially makes their life easier.

I’ve worked in several roles since joining Standard Chartered around nine years ago. I started off as an auditor after completing my Accounting degree, before getting a job managing various Operations teams at a top investment bank. I was drawn to a career in banking because of the competitive salaries. I was also interested in the industry’s global platform regarding career development.

In 2013, I was headhunted for a role with Standard Chartered to manage the Client Valuations and Margin management team. After that, I landed a career in the Innovation and Mobile team and began delivering the Straight2Bank mobile app.

A week in my life

My day usually starts at 5:30 a.m. After getting my kids ready for school and dropping them off, I begin work at about 8:30 a.m. I usually ease myself into the working day by checking emails, looking at my schedule, and preparing for any meetings. Typical meetings for the week involve morning stand-ups, catch-ups with line managers, and business reviews. I also plan meetings with colleagues from other teams to discuss new ideas.

I try to end my work day by 7 p.m. This is so I can make time for the family to sit down for dinner together, help my kids with their homework and get them ready for bed. After the kids go to bed, it’s usually back to doing a bit of work before winding down for the night.

Whenever I can, I give time back to my family. We will often do things together at the weekend, such as going to the beach. As for my own personal time, I like doing yoga, going on bike rides, unwinding with a good book or movie, and designing crystal jewellery.

My experience working with Standard Chartered

I wanted to work with Standard Chartered because of its diverse footprint. It has an incredible global outreach of opportunities and a brilliant work culture. If I could describe the bank in three words, it would be diverse, dynamic and rewarding.

One of my favourite memories with Standard Chartered is when I had to offshore an Operations team to Kuala Lumpur. I stayed there for a few weeks to train the new team, which was a really enjoyable experience. Working from a different Standard Chartered office in another country was eye-opening and enriching. The colleagues there made me feel very welcome.

When working, you have to remember that not everyone will meet your expectations or understand what you are going through, and vice versa. We are all unique individuals, and there are bound to be differences. Every person you meet offers a new learning experience.

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