Reginald celebrates Black History Month and people who inspire him

Reginald Lee, Mailroom Supervisor/Manager


I’m a Mailroom Supervisor/ Manager who oversees and processes incoming and outgoing packages, answers emails, and helps colleagues in any way I can. I have been with the Bank for over five years and what I enjoy most about my role is helping people and putting a smile on their face.

When I think of Black History Month, I am reminded of all the sacrifices, accomplishments and progress made by African American people throughout history. It is also a time to reflect on the struggles that African Americans have endured and persevered through. I praise and admire those who strive to move the needle on racial equality and I am proud to see more people speaking out about injustices and moving towards positive change.


I have several Black people who inspire me. My grandparents and my parents taught me never to give up, especially when times are difficult. This mindset has helped me overcome adversity both professionally and personally. There are also actors, athletes such as Denzel Washington and Michael Jordan, who show us that anything is possible if you put in the work and dedication to achieve your goals.

I encourage all of our colleagues to check out books, podcasts and other resources to educate yourself on the importance of Black History Month.


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