Returning to Standard Chartered with my dream role – Amy Yau’s story

How Amy seizes the opportunities offered by Standard Chartered to make a difference in her colleagues' lives and her career.


My journey as an HR Analyst began with Standard Chartered Hong Kong in 2011. I had just graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong with a Bachelor of Business Administration in HR Management and Marketing and I was excited to put the theories I learned into practice. I spent 2 years with the HRBP team before leaving Standard Chartered to pursue my Master’s Degree in Project Management at the University of Sydney in Australia.

How have you gotten to where you are now in your career?

I returned to Standard Chartered Hong Kong in 2016 with a Distinction in my Master’s Degree and over two years of experience as the Senior Assistant Manager of Human Resources within another international bank. I started my second stint at Standard Chartered Hong Kong in my dream role within the HR function’s Rewards Team. This opportunity allowed me to work closely with the different areas of the HR function and develop a well-rounded understanding of how we make the Bank a better place to work by working together. Since returning to the Bank over six years ago, I have gained experience within teams such as Performance, Project Management and Planning, and I am currently Standard Chartered Hong Kong’s HR Business Partner, double-hatting as the Business Planning Manager to the Head of HR in Hong Kong. After trying out different roles in the Hong Kong HR team, I am very excited that I get the opportunity to move to London re-joining the Reward team soon.

How has Standard Chartered supported your career progression?

Standard Chartered’s willingness to take risks with its employees has helped me to develop a wonderful career. Prior to rejoining the Bank, I did not have any experience with the rewards and benefits function in my department. Without this opportunity, I would not have benefited from the different perspectives and valuable experiences I have gained since taking on my role. The Bank has given me so many opportunities over the years to unleash my hidden potential and has truly supported me to thrive. Not only has Standard Chartered offered me pathways to grow and develop, but it has also provided me with a very dynamic and inclusive working environment where I am comfortable sharing my thoughts and ideas.

Tell us about a project that you worked on where you were able to gain exposure and make an impact.

Since my return to the Bank in 2016, I have had the opportunity to work on numerous projects that enhanced my professional exposure and made a positive impact on the human resources agenda at Standard Chartered. The most memorable project that I have worked on since rejoining the Bank was the launch of the first-ever virtual bank in Hong Kong. I worked on this project since its inception and I am incredibly proud to have played a part in the design of an acquisition strategy that attracted leading talents to work on this pioneering initiative. As a team, we were responsible for developing a rewards and benefits structure that would appeal to industry leaders and trailblazers. Working on this project was a real turning point in my career that taught me to think outside the box and truly immerse myself in the niche world of talent acquisition.

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