Shweta Srivastava – Building a legacy with Standard Chartered by her side after returning to the Bank

Shweta’s prosperous career at Standard Chartered demonstrates how hard work, great leaders and limitless opportunities can produce extraordinary outcomes.


Alongside an exciting journey at Standard Chartered, Shweta has surpassed many personal milestones in the 15 years she has spent at the Bank. Relocating after getting married and becoming a mother produced new challenges, but with the support of Standard Chartered Shweta was able to balance both her personal and professional responsibilities.

How have you gotten to where you are now in your career?

I began my journey at Standard Chartered around 15 years ago as an Assistant Manager. When I started my job at the Bank in 2007, I could not have predicted the heights that my career would reach. My hard work was recognised by management in the early stages of my career and within a year and a half, I was trusted to take on a leadership role. I have been presented with numerous opportunities to progress over the years and I have taken them in my stride. With the help of my mentors and great management, I have been been able to grow professionally and achieve my ambitions. Throughout my career, I have dedicated myself to improving my skills and continuously learning. Since joining the Bank I have attained an Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists (ACAMS) certification which allowed me to further specialise in the risks of financial crime.

All of my hard work and training paid off, as in August 2021 I began my current role as an Associate Vice President in the Financial Crime Surveillance function of the bank. I play an active role in fighting financial crime and I am proud of the positive contributions that I make to society. As a leader within the bank, it is incredibly important to me to uplift my colleagues and help them to unleash their potential. I am committed to supporting my team and giving them the confidence to voice their ideas.

How has Standard Chartered supported you during your 15 years at the Bank?

Standard Chartered’s commitment to providing equal and inclusive opportunities to its employees is industry-leading. After returning from my extended maternity leave, I had expected to continue in my previous role. The Bank assessed my profile with an open mind and without prejudice, and to my surprise, I was offered a promotion. This opportunity meant the world to me; I felt valued, encouraged and supported. Standard Chartered gave me a fair chance to progress my career as a working parent, exemplifying their dedication to inclusion and providing a family-friendly environment.

What’s the best thing about working for Standard Chartered?

Standard Chartered values its most important asset - the people. We are provided with a safe, stress-free and challenging work environment to thrive and progress in. With a rich heritage that spans over 150 years, the Bank has championed its values of doing the right thing and being better together throughout its legacy. Standard Chartered is a Bank with a soul that embraces every opportunity to improve and is committed to never settling. I am proud to contribute to an organisation that is a force for good across the globe.

What advice would you give to someone looking to work at Standard Chartered?

I would encourage anybody hoping to join Standard Chartered to go for it. The immense opportunities to progress can lead to a prosperous and international career. Standard Chartered’s values of doing the right thing, being better together and never settling play a vital role in every aspect of the Bank. It is imperative that individuals contemplating starting a career at Standard Chartered consider what our values mean to them and demonstrate how they will channel them into their role.

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced at Standard Chartered?

Standard Chartered’s breadth of operations mean that opportunities to work in various functions are plentiful. I took advantage of this by accepting opportunities in different locations. Aligning with the new ways of working resulted in a paradigm shift that improved both my professional competency and personal development – I learned how to rapidly adapt to change, leverage a dynamic approach to working, and be comfortable in mutable environments. The skills I developed during my time in this role have proved to be indispensable in an industry that is ever-changing, and have helped my career to thrive.