Verki Ngan – 16 years of growth at Standard Chartered

As an experienced Branch Head, Verki explains how he draws on his experience at the Bank to create a positive working environment for this team and drive prosperity.


Since joining Standard Chartered’s Mortgage function in 2006, Verki has held eight roles across various areas of the Bank. Hitting high targets, managing large teams and integrating the Bank’s values into daily operations are crucial responsibilities of his role at Standard Chartered and Verki tells us how he leverages the trials and tribulations of his journey to make things happen.

What drew you to a career in banking?

After graduating from the Department of Civil Engineering, the logical next step seemed to be starting a career in the construction industry. Freshly qualified, I began my professional career by interning at a construction site over the summer. Although it was incredibly fulfilling to apply the skills that I had learned during my studies, I quickly realised that I was more suited to the corporate world and was desperate to wear a suit! Following this realisation, I began my job search with an open mind and applied to a variety of roles in various industries. In 2006 I secured a position at Standard Chartered as a Mortgage Sales Executive and after 16 years, I still haven’t looked back!

Tell us about what you have achieved in the 16 years you’ve spent with Standard Chartered.

I joined Standard Chartered in 2006 with a willingness to learn and develop my skills. Despite having little industry experience, I threw myself into my role and committed to becoming the best Sales Executive that I could be. I felt exceedingly fortunate to be a part of a team that gave me their undying support, but I later discovered that ongoing encouragement amongst colleagues is commonplace at Standard Chartered.


Career milestones


Graduated from Dept. of Civil Engineering, HKU


Joined Standard Chartered as a Mortgage Sales Executive


Promoted to Team Head of Mortgage Sales


Promoted to Branch Banking Relationship Manager


Promoted to Team Head of Relationship Managers


Promoted to Branch Head of an IRM hub team


Promoted to Branch Head of Times Square Branch

2022 Q2

Transferred to Branch Head of Causeway Bay Branch

2022 Q3

Transferred to Branch Head of Priority Private Centre

What has been your most memorable experience with Standard Chartered?

Since joining Standard Chartered I have been fortunate enough to travel across the world to attend conventions. In the 16 years that I have spent with the Bank, I have visited places such as San Francisco, London, Tasmania, Lucerne, Tokyo and Hokkaido. Some of my favourite memories at Standard Chartered have been built whilst spending time with my colleagues during these trips and I am incredibly proud to work for an organisation that understands the importance of rewarding its employees and integrating leisure into working.

What’s life like at Standard Chartered?

At Standard Chartered there is no room for complacency. We are encouraged to consider the bigger picture of everything that we do, such as how our work impacts the environment and our communities. Standard Chartered’s values are woven into every interaction and project undertaken, which creates a culture that is committed to being a force for good, never settling and being better together. Although always doing the right thing and striving for better can be challenging, no two days are alike at Standard Chartered and it is incredibly rewarding to drive positive change.

What is your professional goal for 2023?

I recently transferred to a new branch that is considerably larger than the branches that I have managed previously. My goal for 2023 is to use my experiences to continue my colleagues’ hard work to combat the market impact of the pandemic and to create a productive working environment that promotes individuality and inclusivity. As a Branch Head, it is important to me to encourage open communication, recognise and reward accomplishments and champion the Bank’s values through my actions.

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