Zoe Li Hui Wen – Finding happiness at work

Zoe Li Hui Wen tells us why working at Standard Chartered makes her happy


It has been eight years since I started at Standard Chartered Bank. Work is busy and filled with new things to learn every day. During my time at Standard Chartered I have been promoted several times and have always tried to do my best in everything, especially when facing challenging situations. Luckily I've got a great manager who has helped me build my self-confidence and naturally more responsibilities and duties have followed.

What I have benefitted from working at Standard Chartered Bank is not only the positive encouragement from my colleagues and the leadership team but also the people-oriented culture. It’s kept me really happy over the years and made me feel deeply proud and happy to be working here.

Outside of work I cycle and participate in extreme sports to reduce stress. In my opinion, it’s necessary to learn how to harmoniously live with stress, and sometimes the stress even plays a role of forcing me to learn, to be self-disciplined and to venture out of my comfort zone.