Raising awareness in Kenya

Awareness in Kenya

Adopting safer behaviours and being informed about how HIV can be transmitted can help stop the spread of infection. It can also go a long way to eliminate the stigma surrounding the virus, and discrimination of those people living with or affected by HIV.

Why education is key

Sharing our education with our partner organisations is fundamental to our approach on how we tackle the stigma and spread of HIV.

Our HIV Champions in Nairobi invited staff from our vendor partners to receive a half day’s Living with HIV education session.  Almost 70 people from local companies joined the interactive and engaging sessions, learning the about HIV and how to teach others the facts about the virus.

What’s next?

Bust the HIV myths

Education is key to reducing the number of new infections. Do you know the facts?

Get smart about HIV

Training the trainer

Our HIV champions train other employees to help reach more people.

About our staff education

Teaching in Chiang Mai

Our staff visited a rural school to educate 130 students on the basics of HIV and AIDS.

Why education is key

Myth busting

Myth busting

We believe education is key to reducing the number of new infections.


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