Sharing HIV knowledge in Chiang Mai

HIV training Chiang Mai

Our HIV Champions are committed to sharing HIV and AIDS knowledge and awareness not only with colleagues but also with our local communities.

How we helped

HIV Champions from our Bangkok office travelled to the North province of Thailand during a public holiday to the rural school Ban Jamluang in Chiang Mai.  The HIV Champions educated 130 students from the school on basic HIV and AIDS information, and through games and interactive sessions taught them the facts they need to make safer lifestyle choices.

Having a wider impact

Our HIV Champions also share these skills with other companies to ensure more people can be protected in our communities. 

HIV Champions from our Bangkok office delivered a train-the-trainer session to 30 HR and line managers at a factory in Chon Buri earlier this year.  Now trained on HIV education, the factory managers are delivering training to protect their 5,000 employees.

What’s next?

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Safe behaviour can prevent someone from being infected or infecting someone else.

About the session

Bust the HIV myths

Education is key to reducing the number of new infections. Do you know the facts?

Get smart about HIV

Training the trainer

Our HIV champions train other employees to help reach more people.

About our staff education

Improving awareness

Living with HIV

Our programme aims to tackle the spread of HIV through education.


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