Restoring sight in Nigeria

We're helping to restore the sight of people like Halima, by providing low-cost cataract surgeries across Nigeria.


Halima after her surgery

Halima Jibrin is a 65 year-old widow from Nigeria. She made her living through farming until she became blind and could no longer work. She was diagnosed with cataracts in both eyes but could not afford the surgery that she needed. She was blind for four years and had to depend on her neighbours for food.

A neighbour told Halima about the low-cost cataract surgeries being performed at ECWA eye hospital in Kano, and she travelled there to have one of her eyes operated on. Since the surgery, Halima has been able to return to work.

Making an impact in Nigeria

Through the four eye-health projects SiB has funded in Nigeria, we've:

  • Reached 1,666,000 people
  • Performed 179,000 sight-restoring surgeries
  • Distributed 914,000 Vitamin A treatments to help stop river blindness
  • Trained 2,100 health workers on eye-care.

What's next?

Through SiB, we're aiming to reduce the 84 per cent rate of avoidable blindness in Nigeria. We're continuing to strengthen eye-care provision in the region, and help people like Halima to get their eyesight restored.

What’s next?

Our community programmes

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Our priorities

We contribute much more than profits. Through our business, we can be a force for good.

About our priorities

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