Helping girls stay on at school in India

Many of India’s school girls don’t have access to safe water and sanitation facilities.


Over a million girls walk approximately 5km every time they need to use the toilet and have to do so in dark remote areas, leaving them prone to infections and missing large parts of their education.

How we’re helping

To help tackle this issue - which is one of the largest problems facing our communities in India - we set up WASHE, our Water Sanitation Hygiene Education programme.

WASHE provides easy access to safe water, improves toilet facilities and gives hygiene education to girls. And our staff volunteers help build the facilities and regularly take these classes, along with sessions on computer and financial literacy.

Our impact

It costs less than US$5 per girl - which we pay for - to give girls access to water, toilets and awareness about sanitation. To date, we’ve helped over 20,000 girls across eight schools in Delhi and Mumbai.

Our long term vision for WASHE is nothing ambitious and if we achieve it, we’ll be helping improve the health, hygiene and education of thousands more schools girls across India in the next five years. These girls will in turn educate their families and friends, and eventually through them, we hope to bring about significant and sustainable improvement in the lives of thousands.

WASHE has also won the 'Best in Healthcare' category at the Aaj Tak Care Awards.

What’s next?

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