Preventing childhood blindness in Vietnam

We're helping restore the eyesight of children across Vietnam, thanks to a partnership with the Fred Hollow's Foundation.


Lien during the cataract surgery

Through Seeing is Believing's partnership with the Fred Hollows Foundation, we've strengthened the quality, affordability and accessibility of eye-care services for children across Vietnam.

Restoring the eyesight of children like Lien Thi Ly

Three year old Lien was suffering from vision problems as a result of cataracts, which her family couldn't afford to get treated. Because of this, they thought she was going to be blind forever.

However, through word-of-mouth, Lien's mother heard that there was a free child cataract surgery campaign in the local hospital supported by our Seeing is Believing project. After a 20 minute surgery, Lien’s eye sight was completely restored.

Making a difference in Vietnam

The project has recently finished, and through it we've: 

  • Provided 20 hospitals with essential child eye-care equipment
  • Trained 731 community health workers on primary eye-care
  • Provided 251 children with eye surgery
  • Screened 719,865 students
  • Given 15,160 pairs of glasses to children.

What’s next?

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