Building efficiently and wasting less

Building efficientlynew Our office building in Tianjin, China, exemplifies environment efficiency and is LEED Gold certified. 

The building uses:

  • 58.3% less water 
  • 56% less electricity 
  • 28% less total energy than similar buildings
  • and more than 90% of food waste is composted.

Building for the future

Environmentally friendly materials have been used throughout the building, down to the furniture and carpets. It also has ample space for employees to store their bicycles.

Solar panels provide electricity for the building - even the street lamps are solar and wind powered.

Saving light, energy, paper and water

Sensors detect the amount of natural light in a room, automatically adjusting the light levels throughout the work day and decreasing the amount of electricity used. Glass on the windows eliminates UV light and reduces infra red transmission. It also insulates the building and reduces thermal energy loss.

Excess heat is recovered from building control systems and used to heat the building in winter months.

Water is saved through dual flush toilets, low flush shower heads, sensor taps and toilet flushes using a grey water system. Paper is recycled and food waste is composted and used as fertilizer for the building’s gardens. What more could you want from a building?

Watch our employees take you through a few of our environmentally efficient buildings.

What’s next?

Protecting the environment

We operate in countries that are most vulnerable to climate change and volatile conditions.

View our impact

Reducing our carbon footprint

Our Take a Brake programme in Hong Kong aims to encourage a low carbon lifestyle.

See how we helped

Here for good

It’s about sticking by our clients and customers, and always trying to do the right thing.

How we're Here for good


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