Teaching girls financial literacy  

financial literacy - India

We’re giving girls lessons in financial literacy to help empower them and set them up for the future as part of our WASHE programme to help keep girls on at school.

How we're helping

Through our global Goal programme, we partner with global development charities to teach adolescent girls from low-income communities life skills, financial literacy and sport. Goal India has reached more than 6,400 girls since 2006.

In Delhi, our staff volunteer at four municipal schools thanks to our India community initiative, WASHE, Water Sanitation Hygiene and Education programme. They teach the girls about hygiene and sanitation, as well as taking classes in English and financial literacy. Our programme also runs in Mumbai and we’ve helped almost 20,000 girls since its launch in 2011.

Cash, currency and cheques

To help prepare the girls for future jobs and taking charge of their family’s finances, our staff teach them about the basics of money.

It might sound simple but knowing how to write and cash a cheque, or exchange a mutilated note is something all girls need to know if they’re going to work for a living. Being wise about money will make a real different to their future.

Branch visits

We’ve also taken some of the girls to our local branches to show them how ATMs work and to meet our tellers to learn how to count money. We’re planning to set up more visits in the near future to build their confidence and give the girls key life skills.

What’s next?

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How we're helping

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