Committing to Power Africa

We're improving Africa's economic growth, through investing in electricity.


Power Africa

We've pledged USD5 billion to Power Africa - a US backed initiative, aiming to support economic growth by improving access to reliable, affordable and sustainable power in Africa.

What's the problem?

Two out of three sub-Sarahan Africans - 600 million people - lack access to electricity.

They're forced to compensate by using costly and unhealthy forms of energy, like diesel to run factory generators, and smoky and scarce wood for indoor fires for cooking.

Changing Africa's prospects

Because of poor power-infrastructure, growth in Africa has been reduced by around 0.11 per cent of GDP.

In Nigeria in particular, current power output levels are only around 4,000 megawatts, but the country’s demand is for 10,000. If Nigeria could close this gap, it would raise economic growth by 3 percent - that's over USD15 billion annually.

How we're helping

We have supported 3,893MW of generation capacity between 2013 and 2016.

Learn about our power financing

What’s next?

Environmental and social risk

We manage the environmental, social & governance risks that come with our financing decisions.

How we finance

Banking on Africa

View our video and interactive summary on our social and economic impact in Africa. 

View the impact report

Our priorities

We contribute much more than profits. Through our business, we can be a force for good.

About our priorities

Africa impact report

Africa impact report

Get the facts and figures about our impact in Africa.

Sustainability Summary

Read our Sustainability Summary

We recognise the role we can play in promoting economic and social development in our markets.


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