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promoting sustainable finance Moving capital to where it matters most

We have the financial expertise, governance frameworks, technology and geographical reach to unlock capital for sustainable development.

Our approach

The world must act now if it is to deliver the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for a more sustainable society by 2030.

Yet just 60 per cent of the financing needed to achieve the 17 Goals in low and middle-income countries is being met. In Africa, this is as low as 10 per cent.

Innovation has been our hallmark for 160 years and we are determined to use our expertise to direct capital to where it is needed most.

Our footprint in Asia, Africa and the Middle East includes some of the markets worst hit by environmental and social challenges. We want to make the world a better, cleaner and safer place and minimise the negative impact of our financing. In other words, do more good and less harm.

Do more good

Promoting sustainable finance where it matters most

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Supporting sustainable growth

We provide financial products and services to people and businesses to help drive sustainable development, economic growth and job creation. Our sustainability aspirations set out how we aim to promote social and economic development through our core business of banking.

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Our product frameworks

We are creating sustainable finance products to support sustainable development. Our frameworks, developed in collaboration with Sustainalytics, the leading provider of ESG and corporate governance research, set out what qualifies as ‘sustainable’ and ‘green’ products.

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The Transition Finance Imperative

The markets that require the most financing to transition to low carbon business models are often left out of green finance. In emerging markets, these sectors are essential for livelihoods and economic growth. We must urgently support these sectors with their transition.

Our sustainability bonds

Do less harm

Managing environmental and social risks

Sustainability bond

Assessing environmental and social risk

We have a comprehensive approach to managing environmental and social risks. We actively engage with our stakeholders to mitigate the impact that stems from our financing decisions.

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Setting and raising client standards

Our position statements outline the standards we encourage and expect from our clients, and are based on industry-wide benchmarks such as the International Finance Corporation and the Equator Principles.

Here for good means saying no to coal

Prohibited activities

We will not provide financial services to clients who breach, or show insufficient progress in aligning with our position statements.

How we're raising the standards in one of the world's most hazardous industries

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