Contributing to sustainable economic growth Enabling people, businesses and communities to thrive

We use our core business of banking to support sustainable economic growth in our markets

OUR APPROACH Making a positive impact

We work with our clients to improve access to financial services, and to promote responsible finance. By providing finance responsibly and efficiently, we can have a positive impact on sustainable development in our markets, contributing to economic growth in the long term, and enabling people, businesses and communities to prosper.

ACCESS TO FINANCIAL SERVICES Partnering with our clients to promote sustainable growth

We provide financial products and services to people and businesses to help drive sustainable economic growth and job creation. Our sustainability aspirations set out how we aim to promote social and economic development through our core business of banking.

In many of our markets, economic development is hampered by unreliable infrastructure. We provide financing to support the development of infrastructure across our markets. In Sub-Saharan Africa, reliable and affordable power remains the most critical infrastructure challenge. Through Power Africa, a US led initiative, we're supporting power generation in the region, and we expect to help create 3,893MW of extra power by 2018. We're also supporting our markets in the transition to a low-carbon future, and are committed to providing and facilitating financing of renewable energy and clean technology.

Local and regional mid-sized companies are key drivers of economic growth and job creation in our markets. We provide these companies with the financial services they need to grow their businesses.

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We want to increase access to finance by making safe, secure banking available to more people in our markets. Through our Straight2Bank Wallet service, we support financial inclusion by helping our clients to make and receive payments using mobile phones – even to people without a bank account. We will continue to expand this service to more markets.

Trade is essential for creating economic opportunity and jobs in our markets. We use our network and local knowledge to help facilitate commerce and support trade corridors across our footprint. One of the ways we do this is by taking supply chain financing one step further, banking the entire ecosystem of our clients, including their suppliers and buyers.

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We actively collaborate with our clients, governments, regulators and communities to support impact and sustainable finance opportunities across our markets, including microfinance. We believe innovation and parternships are essential to addressing global development challenges.

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Environmental and Social risk management Managing the impact of our financing

To achieve long-term sustainable development, we must manage environmental and social risks responsibly. We work with our clients to manage these risks, and engage with governments and non-governmental organisations to mitigate the impact that stems from our financing decisions. Our approach is outlined in our environmental and social risk assessment summary and position statements.

Environmental and social risk assessment

We have a comprehensive approach to managing environmental and social risks. We actively engage with our stakeholders to mitigate the impact that stems from our financing decisions.

Our position statements

Our 20 position statements outline the standards we encourage and expect from our clients, and are based on industry-wide benchmarks such as the International Finance Corporation and the Equator Principles. We apply these through our policies and procedures.

Deepening relationships

We work in partnership with our clients to manage environmental and social risks. In 2017, our dedicated team supported more than 480 clients and transactions.

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We’re committed to promoting sustainable development in our markets through our banking services

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