Our impact in Bangladesh

We've been in Bangladesh for more than 100 years, and are the oldest and largest foreign bank in the country.


Our impact on Bangladesh

Our impact

  • For every job at Standard Chartered Bangladesh, 545 jobs are supported throughout the economy
  • Through direct, indirect and induced impacts, we support 1.5% of Bangladesh’s GDP and are one of the country’s most significant tax payers
  • We contribute to 13.2% of total Bangladesh international trade by providing trade finance and mobilising offshore finance for our clients in businesses such as the power, telecommunications and garment sectors
  • We have introduced several banking products and services into the country over the last four decades from collateral-free loans for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to the first ATMs and credit cards

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What next?

This study has helped us to understand how we can further enhance our economic and social contribution in Bangladesh. For example, the report reveals that our largest single value added impact, comes from our lending to SMEs.

Today, nearly 80% of all industrial entities in Bangladesh are SMEs. They're also responsible for one-quarter of the nation’s workers. So, one of our priorities in Bangladesh going forward will be to further increase our engagement in this sector.

About our report

The study, led by Professor Ethan Kapstein of Georgetown University in Washington DC, was commissioned to measure our social and economic impact in Bangladesh. It's part of a series of impact studies, to measure our impact on the economies where we operate and identify ways to build on this impact.

What’s next?

Our impact

We've commissioned a series of independent reports to measure our social and economic impact.

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Our track record

With eight consecutive years of record income and profit, we have an impressive track record.

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It’s about sticking by our clients and customers, and always trying to do the right thing.

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Bangladesh report

Download our Bangladesh report

Get the facts and figures about our impact in Bangladesh.


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