Our impact on Ghana

After 114 years, Ghana is a strategically important market for our Bank, and we're consistently ranked among the top three banks in the country.


Our impact

Our investment in Ghana has seen us add economic value in the domestic market by hiring workers, paying taxes, and purchasing goods and services from the local economy.

Here are a few highlights of our impact on the Ghanain economy:

  • We play a key role in enabling trade and helping connect Ghana to world markets. In 2009, we lent US$193 million as trade loans to individuals, SMEs and large corporates in Ghana, 80% of which was mobilised offshore
  • Our financing for domestic organisations is more than any other commercial bank operating in Ghana, with nearly US$900 million of financing provided in 2009
  • Through direct, indirect and induced impacts, we contributed to 2.6% of Ghana's GDP
  • We support around 156,000 jobs in the country - around 1.5% of the Ghanaian workforce.

As Africa grows, we aim to develop our local business in Ghana, to meet demand and reinforce our position as the leading international bank.

Read our impact report

What next?

The report identifies ways that we can further support the development of Ghana, particularly through improved services to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and individual clients.

In Ghana, we serve over 156,000 individual customers. However, there are many more that have no access to basic banking services, and are unable to leverage any financial equity. These individuals' inability to raise finance has a direct impact on economic activity within Ghana. So, moving forward we will continue to focus on widening financial access for all individuals.

About our report

The study, led by Professor Ethan Kapstein of Georgetown University in Washington DC, and René Kim, a partner at consultancy firm Steward Redqueen, was commissioned to measure our social and economic impact in Bangladesh. It's part of a series of impact studies, to measure our impact on the economies where we operate and identify ways to build on this impact.

What’s next?

Our impact

We've commissioned a series of independent reports to measure our social and economic impact.

View our country reports

Our strategy

We aspire to be the world's leading international bank, across Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

About our strategy

Here for good

It’s about sticking by our clients and customers, and always trying to do the right thing.

How we're Here for good

Our Ghana report

Download our Ghana report

Get the facts and figures on the impact our presence has had on Ghana's economy.


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