Sustainability Reviews

While our reporting has evolved over the years, our goal is consistent – to be a leading international bank and a force for good in our markets.

Sustainability Reviews

We can create value beyond the profits we make; by doing things the right way, we can have a positive social and economic impact on communities, at the same time as making money for our shareholders.

2011 review

2011 Sustainability Review

We continued to create long term value for society and our shareholders despite the volatile economic climate.

Read our 2011 Review

2010 review

2010 Sustainability Review

We kept sustainability at the core of our business agenda, focusing on our social and economic impact.

Read our 2010 Review

2009 review

2009 Sustainability Review

We remained committed to building a sustainable bank, creating value for customers, shareholders & communities.

Read our 2009 review

2008 review

2008 Sustainability Review

We stayed focused on helping to address the world’s challenges, whilst realising the need to rebuild trust in banks.

Read our 2008 review


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