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Your financial needs are our priority.

From everyday banking to long-term investing, we provide a suite of personalised solutions and investment solutions so that your financial needs become our priority.

Your Relationship Manager, with the assistance of qualified product specialists, will ensure that you receive the best solution on the full range of mortgage, investment and treasury products:

Investment Solutions

We all have different priorities. If securing your financial future is your priority, we will introduce you to world-class wealth solutions that are tailored to you.

These solutions help you achieve your long term financial objectives. They range from Insurance packages to personal loans and a range of others.

  • We first work out your long-term financial needs, such as property investments, funding your child’s education or preparing for your retirement to ensure you enjoy a quality lifestyle
  • We will assess your risk profile

Your benefits would also include traditional investments such as deposits, mutual funds and exchange traded funds that will give you diversified exposure to a range of asset classes such as cash, bonds and equities.

Your dedicated Relationship Managers can assist with:

  • Higher loan sizes
  • Faster approvals through fast-track processes for your applications
  • Preferential pricing tailored by your Relationship Manager.

Please be advised that

- Eligibility criteria apply for membership to the Priority Banking program. Your admission to Priority Banking is at our discretion.

- Not all products, benefits and services under Priority Banking may be available in all countries and are subject to local regulations. We may vary or withdraw these services at any time.

- You can find out the current services available to you by contacting your Relationship Manager, via phone banking, visiting our branches or from the Standard Chartered Bank website in your country.

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