Here for good

Our Culture & Values

At Standard Chartered, we're here for good. That means we're here to make good things happen. And it means we're here for the long haul.

Frankly, it means a lot to us.

And that same strand of cultural DNA that makes our organization dedicated to sustainability in the community applies equally to the people we bring on board to further our vision. We're dedicated to developing the careers and furthering the goals - both personal and professional - of our employees.

Our Network

We are the emerging markets bank

We take pride in seeing potential before others do. Maybe that's why we've been a pioneer in emerging markets for decades. Standard Chartered has consistently invested in underdeveloped regions and along the way we've built businesses, faced challenges and stood the test of time.

Our Social Initiatives That You Can Be A Part of

We believe that if you want to make the world work better, you have to employ the actual world.

We work with communities to deliver programmes that promote social and economic development. By running our opporations well, standing by our clients and investing in local communities, we can be a powerful force for good.

Our International Footprint

We combine global thinking with a global presence


Our international graduates come from over 25 countries

1 Our global presence
2 The diversity of our graduates
Experience our International Induction Program

The Shanghai Induction

At the beginning of the programme, we host our 4 week International Induction Programme in Shanghai to connect our global network of International Graduates with their peers from the 30+ countries we recruit for.

This event comprises of classroom sessions, case studies, and tailored technical training split by business stream. We celebrate at the end of the 4 weeks with our legendary Gala Dinner.

See the WORKshop events we run for Alumni

International Alumni WORKshops

Annually our graduates from previous years come together for our Alumni WORKshop. It is a week of learning, creative thinking and personal development.

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Hanoi 2016