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Customer Declaration

By submitting this application,

  • You (being the person named as the “applicant” in the application) represent and warrant that all information (including any documents) you have given to us (being each member of the Standard Chartered Group identified in the application or the approval as the person providing the facility, product or service to you, and its successors and assigns) in connection with this application is correct, complete and not misleading - important note: if this is not the case you may be personally liable;
  • You acknowledge that we may decline your application in its entirety or in part (in respect of any one or more particular product(s), service(s) or account(s) / sub-account(s) you are applying for in this application) without giving you any reason for doing so; if this happens, no contractual relationship arises between you and us in respect of any product(s), service(s) or account(s) / sub-account(s) requested in this application which we have declined to provide to you;
  • You agree and confirm that:
    • our Client Terms and the applicable documents referred to in Part A of our Client Terms, including the Current / Cheque / Savings Account and Time Deposit Account Terms and other prevailing terms and conditions,Terms and Conditions for e-Statement Service, product brochure, important notes and promotional terms (if any), and any other document forming part of our banking agreement (collectively “the banking agreement”) have been made available to you at any of our branches and on our website at;
    • you have read and understood the banking agreement and you agree to be bound by it; and
    • you are bound by any variation we make to the banking agreement, in accordance with the banking agreement - important note: in particular, you understand that by entering into the banking agreement you give indemnities, authorisations, consents and waivers and agree to limitations on our liability;
  • You acknowledge receipt of and confirm that you have read and agreed to the Notice to Customers and Other Individuals relating to the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance and the Code of Practice on Consumer Credit Data ("Notice"); you further agree that the Notice shall form part of the banking agreement.

  • You agree that all information provided by you in this application form, and any other personal data collected by us about you or that you may provide to us during or after this application,may be used and disclosed for such purposes and to such persons (whether the recipient is located in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China ("Hong Kong") or another country including a country that does not offer the same level of data protection as Hong Kong) for the purposes described in, and otherwise in accordance with our policies on use and disclosure of personal data as set out in the Notice, which may be subject to change from time to time.

  • You represent and warrant that you have complied and will comply with all applicable laws (including any foreign exchange restrictions) in connection with the banking agreement;
  • If you are applying for a Renminbi account, you confirm that you fully understand the risks and consequences of investing in Renminbi and agree to bear all such risks and consequences of Renminbi account, including the application for such an account;
  • If you are applying for an Integrated Deposits Account, you acknowledge that the account types and currencies of the sub-accounts to be included will be determined by us at our discretion, and may be subject to change from time to time; you also acknowledge that the Current / Cheque / Savings Account and Time Deposit Account Terms and any important notes and related terms that we have provided to you in connection with the Integrated Deposits Account shall form part of the banking agreement and you confirm that you have read and understand them and that you agree to be bound by them;
    • if you are applying for a HKD Current Account or an Integrated Deposits Account, you acknowledge the Current Account Overdraft Protection service (“Overdraft Protection”) involved in HKD Current Account or HKD Current Sub-account under Integrated Deposits Account (“HKD Current Account”) and agree to be bound by its terms:
      • Overdraft Protection limit may be granted to honor your cheque(s) or allow your direct debit transaction(s) subject to your deposits in other account(s) at the Bank, when there is not sufficient fund in your HKD Current Account (“Overdraft”).
      • the maximum Overdraft Protection limit is 95% of your HKD deposits and 80% of your foreign currency deposits (Renminbi deposits is excluded) or the accumulated Overdraft amount at HK$40,000, whichever is lower. The Bank may at any time increase or decrease the limit at its sole discretion. If your HKD Current Account has Overdraft, the Bank will place a lien over the deposit balance in your other account(s) according to the Overdraft amount without prior notice.
      • interest of the Overdraft outstanding balance and handling fee will be levied. For details of interest rate and handling fee, please refer to the Bank’s “An Easy Guide to Banking Fees”.
      • Overdraft Protection is not applicable to the staff, the director, the controller (any person holding 10% or more of the Bank’s issued shares) and the spouse or relatives of the director, the controller or employees with lending authority of or at the Bank.
      • the approval of Overdraft Protection and the Overdraft Protection Limit will be determined at the Bank’s discretion without prior notice.
      • the Current / Cheque / Savings Account and Time Deposit Account Terms and any important notes and related terms that we have provided to you in connection with the Overdraft Protection shall form part of the banking agreement and you confirm that you have read and understand them and agree to be bound by them.

Risk Disclosure Statement for RMB Deposit Services:

  • Renminbi (“RMB”) exchange rate, like any other currency, is affected by a wide range of factors and is subject to fluctuations. Such fluctuations may result in gains and losses in the event that the client subsequently converts RMB to another currency (including Hong Kong dollars); and
  • RMB is currently not freely convertible and conversion of RMB through banks in Hong Kong is subject to restrictions specified by the Bank and regulatory requirements applicable from time to time. The actual conversion arrangement will depend on the restrictions prevailing at the relevant time.

Deposit Protection Scheme:

Deposit(s) in the Account(s) applied for hereunder is (are) deposit(s) qualified for protection under the Deposit Protection Scheme in Hong Kong. However, a time deposit with a tenor exceeding 5 years or a deposit subject to any foreign exchange forward contract under Currency Switching services will NOT be protected under the Scheme.

If there is any inconsistency between the English version and the Chinese version of this application form, the English version prevails.



  • 閣下(即申請所示的「申請人」)聲明及保證就本申請給予本行(即申請或批准所列的向閣下提供設施、產品或服務的渣打集團各成員及其繼任人及承讓人)的一切資料(包括任何文件)均正確完備且並無誤導—重要提示:如有不實,閣下可能須就此承擔個人責任;
  • 閣下確認本行可以拒絕閣下的整份申請;或(倘若閣下此申請包括多於一項產品、服務、戶口或附屬戶口)任何個別產品或服務申請,而不提供任何理由。在此情況下,本行與閣下之間不會因閣下申請而本行拒絕提供的任何產品、服務、戶口或附屬戶口產生任何合約關係;
  • 閣下承認及確認:
    • 閣下可於本行任何分行索取及於本行網站下載本行客戶條款及本行客戶條款A部所述的相關文件包括往來/支票/儲蓄及定期存款戶口條款及其他現行的條款及細則、電子 月結單服務條款及細則、產品章程、重要提示及優惠條款(如適用)、和任何其他構成本行銀行協議文件(「銀行協議」);
    • 閣下已細閱和理解銀行協議,並且同意受其約束;及
    • 根據銀行協議,閣下確認受到本行對銀行協議所作的任何修訂約束。重要提示:閣下明白簽署銀行協議,即表示閣下作出有關彌償保證、授權、同意及豁免,並且同意本行責任的限制;
  • 閣下確認收妥並已確認閱讀「關於《個人資料(私隱)條例》及《個人信貸資料實務守則》致客戶及其他個別人士的通知」(「通知」)並同意通知的內容。閣下進一步同意此通知將成為銀行協議的一部分:
  • 閣下同意所有閣下不時於本申請前、期間或之後於本申請表內提供的資料以及其他本行不時收集有關個別人士或由有關個別人士提供的個人資料,均可根據本行列於通知內有關個人資料使用及披露的政策,就有關用途及向有關人士(不論有關接收人士是處於中華人民共和國香港特別行政區(「香港」)或其他地方,不論當地的個人資料保護程度是否與香港相符)使用及披露。
  • 閣下聲明及保證已遵守並會一直遵守銀行協議相關的一切法律(包括任何外匯管制);
  • 閣下如果是申請人民幣戶口,閣下則確認閣下完全明白有關投資人民幣的風險及後果及同意承擔此申請的所有有關人民幣戶口的風險及後果;
  • 閣下如果是申請「綜合存款戶口」,閣下則確認本行將酌情決定及會不時更改附屬戶口類型及貨幣。本行提供的往來/支票/儲蓄及定期存款戶口條款乃構成本行銀行協議文件的一部分,閣下確認已閱讀、完全明白並同意受其約束;
    • 閣下如果是申請「港元支票戶口」或「綜合存款戶口」,閣下則確認完全 明白「港元支票戶口」或「綜合存款戶口」附屬港元支票戶口(「港元支票 戶口」)的透支保障服務(「透支保障」),並同意遵守其條款:

      • 當閣下的港元支票戶口沒有足夠餘款時,本行將因應閣下的其他存款 戶口之存款准予透支保障額,以支付閣下的港元支票或自動轉賬付款 交易(「透支」)。
      • 最高透支保障額為港元存款之95%及外幣存款之80%(不包括人民 幣存款)或累積透支金額達HK$40,000,以較低者為準。本行保留 隨時增加或減少透支保障額之權利。如果閣下的港元支票戶口有 透支,本行將對閣下的其他存款戶口之存款按透支額附加留置權而 毋須事先通知。
      • 本行將按透支結欠收取利息及透支保障手續費,有關利率及手續費 詳情,請參閱本行的「銀行服務收費一覽表」。
      • 透支保障不適用於本行之員工、董事、控權人(指任何人士持有本行 已發行股本10%或以上)及該董事、控權人或據貸款批核權員工之 配偶或親屬。
      • 本行保留批核透支保障和釐定透支保障額之權利而毋須事先通知。
      • 本行往來/支票/儲蓄戶口和定期存款戶口條款和本行提供透支保障的其他文件及特定條款乃構成本行銀行協議一部分,閣下確認已 閱讀、完全明白並同意受其約束。


  • 人民幣匯率,如同其他貨幣一樣,有機會受廣泛因素影響而導致波動。客戶於兌換人民幣至其他貨幣(包括港幣)時,將可能受匯率波動而帶來利潤或損失;及
  • 人民幣現時並非自由兌換的貨幣;同時透過香港銀行兌換人民幣須不時受本行所定或監管要求限制。實際的兌換安排須依據當時的限制而定。