See your money

Quick, easy access to your accounts lets you track your money and stay in control of your finances.

Move your money

Move money in 30 seconds with FAST anytime, anywhere. Pay bills and make transfers whenever you've got a moment to spare.

Track transactions by date

Track account activities, monitor past and future transactions by day, week or month with our calendar function.

Manage your funds effortlessly.

Easy access, now with fingerprint login

Log in using the same username and password that you use for Online Banking. If you are an iPhone or Android user, fingerprint login is now available. Set up in 3 easy steps.

Pay any card

Pay credit card bills issued by any bank in Singapore. No more queuing up at payment machines for your bills. Settle payments wherever and whenever you want.

Send a bank cheque

Why lug around your chequebook and fuss over stamps and envelopes? Send a bank cheque via our eCashier’s Order service. It's fast, convenient and free.

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