Maximise your financial flexibility with our Standard Chartered Personal Line of Credit that provides a revolving credit line linked to your current account with no fixed tenure.
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Higher credit line, lower interest rates


1 Interest shall accrue daily on the basis of a 365-day or 366-day year (where applicable). The Prime Rate means the prime rate as announced by Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) Limited from time to time.

To borrow or not to borrow? Borrow only if you can repay!


  • Hong Kong resident aged 18 or above
  • Fixed Annual income of HK$96,000 or above



    • What is the difference between Personal Instalment Loan, Revolving Cash Card and Personal Line of Credit?

      Personal Instalment Loan requires you to repay the principal and interest regularly, usually monthly. Interest is calculated at a predetermined interest rate according to the loan tenure you selected.

      Revolving Cash Card or Personal Line of Credit is a credit limit granted to your Revolving Loan or Current Account, usually for standby purposes. Interest is calculated on the drawn amount on a daily basis. The main difference between the two is the money withdrawal method. A Revolving Loan involves a Revolving Cash Card to withdraw cash at an ATM machine anytime.

      A Personal Line of Credit involves the current account and the transactions made through this account via ATM cash withdrawal or cheque issuance. No withdrawal fee will be charged for an unsecured overdraft facility.

    • What are the differences in interest charging for Personal Instalment Loan, Revolving Cash Card and Personal Line of Credit?

      The interest charged for Personal Instalment Loan, Revolving Cash Card and Personal Line of Credit are determined by taking into account of clients' credit history, loan amount and the repayment tenure (if applicable).

      Monthly Flat Rate is usually used to calculate the total interest charged for a Personal Instalment Loan, subject to the tenure selected by clients.

      Revolving Cash Card usually applies an annualised interest rate, where interest is charged on daily basis based on the outstanding amount in the loan account. If there is no outstanding in the loan account, no interest will be charged.

      The annualised interest rate of Personal Line of Credit is based on Prime Rate. Similar to Revolving Cash Card, interest is charged on daily outstanding debit balance. If there is no outstanding in the loan account, no interest will be charged.

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Terms and Conditions

The prevailing pricing is offered to you based on the credit assessment upon your loan approval. The Bank has the right to modify your pricing with 30 days advance notice based on the credit assessment from time to time including, but not only limited to, your repayment record, credit bureau grading and the Bank's prevailing credit policy. Besides 30 days advance notice, the Bank will attempt to do this with minimal change in your instalment amount.

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