Steps to Buying a Home

Follow these 6 steps to complete your home purchase journey


Step 5: Choose the right mortgage

Compare the benefits of our different mortgage plans and choose the right mortgage to suit your needs:

Your Situation:
With cash on hand and
have regular savings
First-time homebuyer or
with limited budget
(cannot afford a 40%
down payment)
Can afford to
manage fluctuations
in the repayment
Prefer a more stable
repayment plan
Have an existing
mortgage with
Standard Chartered
or other banks
Residential property owners
planning for retirement and
stable cash flow
Mortgage Plan:
Up to 90% Mortgage Plan
Key Benefits:
Maximise your
interest savings
Greater financial
Interest rate
that stays on top
of the market
More control over
your interest expenses
Adjusting to your
changing needs
Regular stream of
monthly payouts
Have the interest earned from your deposits offset your mortgage expense by reducing the Mortgage Loan outstanding principal
Borrow up to 90%
of the property value,
making a wider range
of properties affordable
Save interest by
enjoying a low interest
rate when the HIBOR
market rate is low
Enjoy a more
stable interest rate
Lower your payments,
pay off your loan faster,
consolidate your debts
or free up funds
Remain as the owner
and live in the property
for the rest of your life
while no repayment
during lifetime
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To borrow or not to borrow? Borrow only if you can repay!

Up to 90% Mortgage Plan (Mortgage Insurance Programme)

The insurer provides mortgage insurance to banks, allowing banks to provide mortgage loans of more than 60% of the value of the property without incurring any additional credit risk.

Banks provide mortgage loans, while the insurance premium is paid by property buyers. The mortgage insurance protects participating banks from losses arising from mortgage payment default by borrowers on the portion of the loan over the 60% LTV threshold.

This programme allows you to enjoy a wider choice of properties along with greater financial flexibility to achieve your home ownership dream!

  • Borrow up to 90% of the property price*
  • Applicable to property price of HK$6,000,000 or below
  • As low as 10% down payment required*
  • Applicable to self-use private residential properties under personal ownership.


Suppose you would like to buy a property valued at HK$4,000,000.

  Up to 90% Mortgage Plan* Traditional Mortgage Plan
Property Value HK$4,000,000 HK$4,000,000
Down Payment HK$400,000 HK$1,600,000
Loan to Value 90% 60%
Insurance Premium HK$156,600 N/A

The above example is for reference only.

* Mortgage loan exceeding 80% LTV ratio under Mortgage Insurance Programme is only applicable to regular salaried first time homebuyers (not holding any properties at the time of application) with debt-to-income ratio up to 45% and subject to relevant guidelines and final approval.

Mortgage Insurance Premium for Self-use Residential Property

Mortgage Type Insurance coverage according to Loan-to-value Ratio (LTV) Loan Tenor
Single Premium Payment
(% of the Original Principal Balance)
Annual Premium Payment
First Year
(% of the Original Principal Balance)
(% of the Original Principal Balance)
Floating Rate 60% up to 80% LTV 10 1.15 0.58 0.28
15 1.50 0.79 0.28
20 1.85 0.93 0.28
25 2.00 1.00 0.28
30 2.15 1.11 0.28
60% up to 85% LTV 10 1.80 0.82 0.53
15 2.28 1.02 0.53
20 2.68 1.13 0.53
25 2.95 1.29 0.53
30 3.05 1.40 0.53
60% up to 90% LTV 10 2.60 1.09 0.77
15 3.18 1.39 0.77
20 3.75 1.62 0.77
25 4.10 1.79 0.77
30 4.35 2.03 0.77

* Applicable for Provisional Agreement for Sale and Purchase date on or after 28 February 2015

* Mortgage loan exceeding 80% LTV ratio under Mortgage Insurance Programme is only applicable to regular salaried first time homebuyers (not holding any properties at the time of application) with debt-to-income ratio up to 45% and subject to relevant guidelines and final approval.

The above example is for reference only.

The Bank reserves the right of final decision should any dispute arise. Please contact our branch staff for details.


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