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Steps to Buying a Home

Follow these 6 steps to complete your home purchase journey

Step 5: Choose the right mortgage

Compare the benefits of our different mortgage plans and choose the right mortgage to suit your needs:

Your Situation:
First-time home buyer or
with limited budget
(cannot afford a 30%
down payment)
Can afford to
manage fluctuations
in the repayment
Prefer a more stable
repayment plan
Have sufficient
funds and regular
Have an existing
mortgage with
Standard Chartered
or other banks
Mortgage Plan:
Key Benefits:
Greater financial
Interest rate
that stays on top
of the market
More control over
your interest expenses
Maximise your
interest savings
Adjusting to your
changing needs
Borrow up to 90%
of the property value,
making a wider range
of properties affordable
Save interest by
enjoying a low interest
rate when the HIBOR
market rate is low
Enjoy a more
stable interest rate
Have your deposits
go towards reducing
your interest expenses
Lower your payments,
pay off your loan faster,
consolidate your debts
or free up funds
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Use your deposit balance to help pay off your mortgage more quickly.

  • Saves you interest and shortens your repayment period
  • Provides one account to manage both your mortgage and your deposits

Suppose you would like to borrow a loan amount of HK$3,000,000.

  Conventional Mortgage Plan MortgageOne®
Loan Amount HK$3,000,000 HK$3,000,000
Monthly Deposit Amount HK$4,000 HK$4,000
Deposit Balance HK$250,000 HK$250,000
Interest Rate (p.a.) P-2.85% = 2.4% P-2.85% = 2.4%
Total Interest Payment HK$992,375 HK$562,832 (save 43.2%)
Tenor 300 months 192 months (shortened by 36%)

Standard Chartered Hong Kong Dollar Prime Rate (P): 5.25% (as of 10 November 2008)

The above example is for reference only.

The above savings outcome excludes financial fees (where applicable), the monthly deposit service charge, and any refinancing charge. For details, please contact our branch staff.

Important Notes

  • The monthly repayment amount, the length of the MortgageOne® repayment period, and whether or not there are interest savings, are all subject to various factors such as loan amount, loan tenor, deposit balance, etc. The final amount saved does not take into account any other fees such as deposit service charges, handling fees and annual maintenance fees (if applicable). For details of the calculation, please contact our branch staff.
  • Not Protected under the Deposit Protection Scheme
    The sum of money in the MortgageOne® Account is NOT an alternative to ordinary savings or time deposits. It is NOT a protected deposit, and is NOT protected under the Deposit Protection Scheme in Hong Kong.
  • The arrangement fee and annual maintenance fee for MortgageOne® are HK$2,000 and HK$500 respectively.
  • Terms and conditions apply. For details, please contact our branch staff.


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