ATM Security – ATM Skimming Fraud

In view of increasing number of ATM skimming fraud attempts in Hong Kong recently, we wish to remind cardholders to be more alert in using Automated Teller Machines (ATMs).

Please take precautionary measures to protect your Personal Identity Number (PIN) and ATM cards appropriately at all times, including:

  • covering the keypad while entering the PIN; and
  • watching out for any irregularity when using the ATMs, in particular whether the keypad cover has been removed and any suspicious device has been installed at the card insertion slot. Please report to the bank promptly if irregularity is found

Each ATM of our Bank should have a key pad cover – if you find the cover is damaged or removed, please stop the transaction and inform our bank staff immediately


Our Bank has 4 kinds of card insert slot for our ATM - If you find the card insert slot is damaged or being installed with suspicious device, please stop the transaction and inform our bank staff immediately.


Other smart tips for cardholders when using our ATM card

Reported Card Loss / PIN Loss / Suspicious Transaction

  • Please call our 24-hour Hotline 2886 8888 or 2886 4111 (Press 2 *) immediately

Personal Identification Number (PIN) Handling

  • Do not disclose your PIN to any other person (including bank staff)
  • Do not write your PIN on your card or on anything usually kept with or near it
  • Do not use easily accessible personal information number such as HKID number, telephone number or date of birth as your PIN
  • Regularly update your PIN via ATM