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Help Centre – Mortgages

Popular Enquiries

Purposes & Basic Required Documents


  • Home purchase
  • Mortgage Refinancing
  • Top-up / Cash Out

Basic Required Documents

  • A copy of a Hong Kong Permanent Identity Card or a valid passport
  • A copy of the Provisional or Formal Agreement for Sale and Purchase or mortgage repayment schedule
  • A completed Mortgage Application form that has been signed by all applicants
  • Proof of personal income or assets

    Please refer to details by clicking here

General Mortgages FAQs

  • You may find out more details through “Steps to Buying a House” on You may also contact our Mortgage Masters on (852)2886-8855 or visit our branch to learn more details.

  • The current interest rate will change from time to time based on Mortgage depends on client’s profile, bank relationship, loan amount, credit history, etc.

  • For Mortgage services, you may contact our Client Service Hotline at (852)2886-8863. Our service hour is form 9:00am to 8:00pm on Monday to Saturday.

  • Please refer to the “Refinancing” page in our website.

    You can also contact our Mortgage Masters on (852)2886-8855 or visit our branch for more details.

  • If you are applying for a mortgage loan with long completion date via stage payment method, the Bank will issue an Approval-in-Principal (“Letter of Confirmation”) to you with some final approval conditions. Before the completion and expected loan drawdown date, the Bank may obtain refreshed property valuation and credit reference reports, in accordance with the HKMA guideline and bank’s credit policies. The bank, as prevailing practice, may also require you to provide updated income or further documents, such as latest salary proof and Consent Form for obtaining those reports.

    The final offer loan amount may subject to change, if the latest property valuation or income has dropped, or the debt obligations have increased. You are advised to reserve sufficient funds to make up the difference in case of any unexpected events occur.

  • We will post the annual Mortgage Statement to your correspondence address from April to May every year.

  • For mortgage loan early or partial redemption, please download and complete “Mortgage Loan Customer Services Request Form” from the Form Centre from our website. Please note that at least one-month prior written notice must be given to the Bank for early or partial redemption to allow sufficient time to process your request.

  • The penalty period normally lasts for 2 years starting from the drawdown date of your mortgage. For the exact penalty period, please refer to your Letter of Offer.

  • If you wish to add / delete / change borrower / mortgagor for your mortgage loans, all the related person (including borrower, and mortgagor) need to approach any of our Hong Kong branches in person for application. The approval of changing borrower / mortgagor and the required supporting documents are subject to the Bank’s discretion. The administration fee for changing borrower / mortgagor is HKD1,000 per request if the request is approved.

  • After you fully redeem the loan, we will issue the full settlement of mortgage loan letter to remind you on redeeming the title deed. You need to instruct a solicitors firm to prepare and arrange for the formal release / discharge of the Property and the collection of title deeds relating to the property. You may contact our Client Service Hotline at (852)2886-8863 If you would like to know more information.

  • If you would like to request for a copy of the mentioned mortgage loan annual statement, you may contact our Mortgage Client Service Hotline at (852)2886-8863 for request. Alternatively, you could visit our website and click “Help > Forms and downloads > LEARN MORE > Mortgages” to download “Mortgage Loan Customer Services Request Form”. Upon completion of item 8, please submit the original form with your signature to the Bank for processing. Upon receipt of your valid request, the relevant copy will be sent to you by post accordingly. Please be advised that the handling charge is HK$100 per year per loan statement.

  • For terminate the fire insurance policy and apply premium refund, please download and complete “Termination of Mortgage Loan Fire Insurance Plan and Request for Premium Refund (Applicable to Early Redemption Customer)” from the Form Centre at our website.

  • If your mortgage loan account is single name account (with or without consolidated statement service ), you can make changes through Online Banking or SC Mobile app and fill in the “Change of Contact Information Form for Individual Client”, or call our 24-hour phone banking service at (852)2886-8888 (for general customers) / (852)2886-8877 (for Premium Customers) / (852)2886-8866 (for Priority Banking customers).

    If your mortgage loan account is joint name account that either one of the holder has joined the Consolidated Statement Service, you can also make changes through Online Banking or SC Mobile app and fill in the “Change of Contact Information Form for Individual Client”, or call our 24-hour phone banking service at (852)2886-8888 (for general customers) / (852)2886-8877 (for Premium Customers) / (852)2886-8866 (for Priority Banking customers).

    If your mortgage loan account is a joint name account and has not participated in the Consolidated Statement Service and you want to update your correspondent mortgage address, all mortgage loan borrowers are required to apply for address change by downloading the ” Change of Contact Information Form for Individual Client ” from our webpage and returning the filled form to the bank.

Forms and Documents


*Important information documents including Mortgage Loan Leaflet, Terms and Conditions for Mortgage Loan, Notice to customers and other individuals relating to the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (“Ordinance”) and the Code of Practice on Consumer Credit Data, Key Facts Statement for Residential Mortgage Loan, Mortgage services tariff, Illustrative Examples of Repayment Schedule for Mortgage Loan, Client Terms, Mortgage Facility Terms, Terms and Conditions for Mortgage Insurance Program, Current/Cheque/Savings Account and Time Deposit Account Terms, Banking Plan Terms and Conditions and Banking Plan Important Notes.