Important Notes on Remittance 有關匯款的重要事項

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  1. The bank may instruct multiple payment intermediaries to execute the remittance instruction, where the funds delivery time varies. The bank will determine the available and most appropriate payment intermediary to execute the remittance based on the payee account type, remittance destination, currency and amount.
  2. Correspondent bank charges and additional delivery time will be applied for payments made by US and Canada residents, subject to the prevailing requirements of the respective payment intermediary.
  3. Please have sufficient funds (including remittance amount and related charges) in your account to ensure successful transactions.
  4. For US dollar remittance, beneficiary details including name & address, must be in English. Your application will be rejected if fails to meet this requirement.
  5. For remittance via online or mobile banking in the following currencies: BND, DKK, INR, KRW, LKR, NOK, MOP, PHP, PKR, SEK, THB, TWD, ZAR, you can only select HKD or USD account as the debit source. Please visit branch if you wish to select other currency as the remittance debit account.
  6. In general, applications submitted before 5:00 pm on a clearing day will be processed on the same day. Applications submitted after 5:00pm or on a non-clearing day will be processed on the next business day. The actual time at which the payee bank will credit the funds into the payee account depends on the processing time and public holidays of the payee bank or correspondent bank (if any).
  7. For Renminbi remittance to/from Mainland China requested by customers who are not a holder of Hong Kong Identity Card (“non-Hong Kong resident customer”), approval from relevant Mainland authorities may need to be obtained. Possible consequence such as charges that may be incurred in case the outward remittance be rejected by the RMB Clearing Bank in Hong Kong, the Mainland authorities or Mainland banks.
  8. For Renminbi remittance to Mainland China, the name of the beneficiary account must be identical with the name of remitter’s account.The current daily limit is RMB80,000 per person per day. The daily limit may subject to change by the Bank from time to time.
  9. If your remittance instruction involves foreign currency exchange, foreign exchange rate will be available during Monday to Sunday (except system maintenance hours on Monday 3am to 6am).
  10. All remittance instructions made via SC Mobile or Online banking, with foreign currency exchange performed on spot, are entitled to participate in the FX Membership program (except for instructions involving CNY, KRW, MOP, TWD or cancelled transactions). For details, please visit com/hk/fx and refer to Terms and Conditions of the FX Membership program set out on the website.
  11. For transfer in odd currencies , such as KRW,and TWD, foreign exchange controls for remittance transactions may be in force. You should understand the controls and assess the risks before initiating any remittance in such currencies.
  12. For transfer in odd currencies with currency exchange performed on spot, the foreign exchange rate displayed is an indicative rate. The final rate applied will be the beneficiary bank’s prevailing rate of exchange for the relevant currencies at the time of the application is processed. Shall any shortfall arise, the bank will debit your account directly for completing the transfer.
  13. Remittance charges and foreign exchange rate is NOT available to display on the following scenarios:
  • Renminbi remittance to the Mainland China;
  • Remittance with Chinese characters; or
  • Scheduled transfers (including recurring transfers)

The bank will effect the remittance instruction according to the prevailing remittance charges and the rate of exchange apply is the Bank prevailing rate of exchange for the relevant currencies at the time of the application is processed.

  1. Your remittance instruction involving Renminbi remittance to the mainland China and Chinese character encoding will not be shown on Transfer History. The applicable Foreign exchange rate and total remittance charges levied will be shown on account transaction history and/or bank statement. For further information, please call our Customer Service Hotline at (852) 2886 8868 (press 2 6 0).
  2. Your remittance instruction will be shown with applicable exchange rate and corresponding debited amount on Transfer History once transaction status is updated as “Successful”.
  3. Cancellation or amendment of any processed remittance instructions subject to the consent of the payment intermediaries, correspondent or payee banks. A cancellation or amendment fee will be charged. Please visit branch in person to submit the request.
  4. For your online security, your transfer limit of “Telegraphic Transfer” will be reset to HKD0 if you have not successfully performed this type of transfer for the past 13 months.
  5. In case that your transfer limit is reset to HKD0, please go to “My Preferences” (for online banking) or “Setting” (for SC mobile) -> “Daily Limit Maintenance” to increase your limit. Authentication is required to adjust the limit.
  6. If the payee information is incorrect, the transaction may be rejected and charges may be imposed.
  7. In line with enhancements to our Group Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorist Financing Procedures we now require the following information for all cross-border payment transactions, regardless of currency:
  • The beneficiary’s full name, account number and address including country/region
  • Your full name, account number and address including country/region (please note that when using Online or Mobile Banking, we already have your details on account and will automatically use them in your transaction, but if you have changed your contact details, could you please update them online, through phone banking or at your nearest branch)
  1. Foreign Exchange Risk Disclosure Statement:
  • Foreign exchange involves risks. Fluctuation in the exchange rate of a foreign currency may result in gains or significant losses in the event that the customer converts deposit from the foreign currency to another currency (including Hong Kong Dollar).
  1. Risk Disclosure Statement for RMB Deposit Services:
  • Renminbi (“RMB”) exchange rate, like any other currency, is affected by a wide range of factors and is subject to fluctuations. Such fluctuations may result in gains and losses in the event that the customer subsequently converts RMB to another currency (including Hong Kong dollars); and

RMB is currently not freely convertible and conversion of RMB through banks in Hong Kong is subject to restrictions specified by the Bank and regulatory requirements applicable from time to time. The actual conversion arrangement will depend on the restrictions prevailing at the relevant time.

  1. In the event of there being any inconsistency between the English and Chinese versions of these notes, the English version shall prevail.





  1. 本行有多個付款中介機構協助執行匯款指示,所需之執行時間亦有不同。本行會根據收款人類別丶匯款目的地丶貨幣及金額,從而決定可行及最合適的付款中介機構。
  2. 視乎相關付款中介機構的要求,美國及加拿大居民辦理之匯款需要額外的執行時間及支付海外銀行匯款費。
  3. 請備妥足夠款項(包括匯款金額及相關收費)於您的扣款戶口内,以確保匯款能順利完成。
  4. 閣下涉及美金的匯款必須以英文填寫收款人資料,包括收款人姓名及地址,否則本行會拒絕閣下的匯款申請。
  5. 閣下經網上或流動理財遞交並涉及以下貨幣的匯款: 汶萊元,丹麥克朗,印度盧比,韓元,挪威克朗,澳門元,菲律賓披索,巴基斯坦盧比,斯里蘭卡盧比,瑞典克朗,泰銖,新台幣及南非蘭特,扣賬戶口必須為港幣或美金。如欲以其他貨幣戶口扣賬,請前往分行進行匯款。
  6. 一般而言,本行會即日處理於結算日下午5時前遞交的匯款申請。於下午5時後或在非結算日提交的申請會於下一個工作天處理。實際收款時間會因收款或代理銀行(如有) 的處理時間及公眾假期而略有不同。
  7. 如果非持有香港身份證客戶(「非香港居民客戶」)提出人民幣匯款由/至內地,非香港居民客戶須獲內地有關當局的批核,並須承擔若因在香港的人民幣清算行、內地有關當局或內地銀行拒絕有關的對外匯款而可能引致的後果(例如要支付相關費用)。
  8. 如果人民幣匯款至內地,收款人戶口名稱須與匯款人戶口名稱完全相同。現時每人每日上限為人民幣80,000元。本行將不時調整人民幣匯款服務之每日最高金額。
  9. 如您的匯款交易涉及外幣交易,兌換率將於星期一至星期日(系統維修時間星期一上午3時至上午6時除外) 顯示。
  10. 所有經網上及流動理財辦理並於轉賬同時進行外匯交易之匯款指示 (涉及人民幣、南韓圜、澳門幣、新台幣或已取消之交易除外)均可享外匯會員獎賞。詳情請瀏覽com/hk/fx及參閱有關之外匯會員計劃條款及細則。
  11. 涉及非主要貨幣的匯款,如南韓圜及新台幣,有關國家可能會對匯款實施外匯管制。在進行匯款前,您應先了解清楚有關管制並評估相關風險。
  12. 涉及非主要貨幣並於轉賬同時進行外匯交易之匯款指示,所顯示之匯率為參考匯率。本行會根據收款行於處理匯款申請當日提供之兌換率去執行該匯款指示。若有任何差額,本行會直接從您的戶口扣賬以完成該匯款。
  13. 匯款收費及兌換率並不會顯示於涉及以下情況的匯款:
  • 人民幣匯款至中國境內;或
  • 中文電碼翻譯的匯款;
  • 待辦轉賬(包括常行轉賬)


  1. 閣下涉及人民幣匯款至中國境內及/或中文電碼翻譯的匯款並不會顯示於轉賬紀錄之列表。其適用的兌換率及總匯款收費可以透過戶口交易記錄和/或銀行月結單查詢。如要查詢詳情,請致電客戶服務熱線 2886 8868 (按 1 6 0)。
  2. 當閣下的匯款在交易狀況轉為「已成功辦理」後,其適用的兌換率及支付金額會於轉賬紀錄之列表顯示。
  3. 如本行已處理閣下的匯款指示,任何更改或取消均需得到付款中介機構丶代理銀行或收款銀行的同意。本行將收取有關服務費。請親臨分行遞交相關申請。
  4. 基於網上保安理由,若閣下於過去13個月未有成功使用匯款交易,有關轉賬類別之網上轉賬額將被重設為港幣0元。
  5. 假若閣下網上轉賬額已被重設為港幣0元,請在「我的喜好」(適用於網上理財)/「設定」 > 「轉賬額設定」(適用於流動理財)提高有關轉賬額。閣下必須通過交易驗證才能更改轉賬額。
  6. 如匯款的收款人資料不正確,收款人銀行可能會退回有關交易及收取額外費用。
  7. 為符合我們集團增強反洗黑錢和反恐怖主義融資,無論任何貨幣,我們現需要以下資料處理所有跨境交易:
    • 受益人的全名,賬戶號碼和地址,包括國家/地區名稱
    • 您的全名,賬戶號碼和地址,包括國家/地區名稱 (請注意,當使用網上理財或渣打流動理財時,我們已經擁有您的賬戶資料,並自動地將資料用於你的交易,如果你改變了聯繫資料,請透過網上理財,電話銀行服務或到最近的分行進行更新)
  8. 外匯買賣風險聲明:外匯買賣涉及風險。將外幣兌換為其他貨幣(包括港幣) ,外匯之升跌波幅或會令客戶賺取利潤或招致嚴重虧損。
  9. 人民幣存款風險披露聲明:人民幣匯率,如同其他貨幣一樣,有機會受廣泛因素影響而導致波動。客戶於兌換人民幣至其他貨幣(包括港幣)時,將可能受匯率波動而帶來利潤或損失;及人民幣現時並非自由兌換的貨幣;同時透過香港銀行兌換人民幣須不時受本行所定或監管要求限制。實際的兌換安排須依據當時的限制而定。
  10. 中文譯本如與英文文本有歧異,應以英文文本為準。