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Terms and Conditions for Promotion Reward for Appointment Making (“Reward”)

  1. The promotion runs from 10 February 2019 to 31 March 2019, both dates inclusive (the “Promotion Period”).
  2. To be eligible for a Reward, one must be an existing client of the Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) Limited (the “Bank”), excluding Business Banking clients, Private Bank clients, clients who are solely holding Standard Chartered Business Card and/or Standard Chartered Corporate Card and/or any supplementary card issued by the Bank, and designated frontline staff of the Bank (each an “Eligible Client”).
  3. The Reward comprises (i) a HKD88 Reward, which is only applicable to Eligible Clients who have successfully left their contact details under the Insurance service page on the Standard Chartered Mobile App and confirmed an appointment with any branches of the Bank; and (ii) a HKD300 Reward, which is only applicable to Eligible Clients who have fulfilled the requirement in (i) of this clause and completed a Financial Need Analysis at any branches of the Bank with an Insurance Specialist/sales staff, during the Promotion Period.
  4. Each Eligible Client is only entitled to each of the HKD88 Reward and HKD300 Reward, both as referred to in Clause 3, once during the Promotion Period and that each Eligible Client must fulfil all criteria as set out in Clause 3 above in order to enjoy the Reward.
  5. The Reward cannot be used in conjunction with other prevailing appointment gifts upon completion of a Financial Need Analysis at any branches of the Bank.
  6. Where an Eligible Client is entitled to the Reward, the Eligible Client is required to sign and return to the Insurance Specialist/Sales staff at branch an acknowledgement of the Reward as applicable in form and substance as may be determined by the Bank.
  7. Upon fulfillment of the requirements specified in Clause 3 above, the HKD 88 Reward and HKD300 Reward will be paid to the Eligible Client by 30 June 2019 in the sequence of (a) then (b) below:
    a) A HKD deposit account (excluding MortgageOne® Account and Mortgage $aver Current Account) held by the Eligible Client in his or her sole name or in the capacity as a primary account holder in the case of joint account in the following sequence:
    i. Sub-account of an Integrated Deposits Account;
    ii. Current Account;
    iii. Statement Savings Account; and
    iv.Passbook Savings Account.
    If the Eligible Client has more than one accounts under the same account type, the Bank will select any one of the accounts with the latest account opening date for the crediting at its discretions.
    b) If the Eligible Client has no valid accounts as stated in Clause 7 (a) above, the Bank will credit the relevant amount of the Reward to his/her Standard Chartered Credit Cards except supplementary cards, Standard Chartered Business Card and Standard Chartered Corporate Card. If the Eligible Client holds more than one Standard Chartered Credit Card except supplementary cards, Standard Chartered Business Card and Standard Chartered Corporate Card, the Bank reserves the right to credit the relevant Reward into any one single card account as selected by the Bank.
  8. The Bank and Prudential Hong Kong Limited (a member of Prudential plc group) (“Prudential”) are not responsible for all the Rewards offered to customers from being lost, damaged or stolen and are under no obligation to re-issue the rewards under such circumstances.
  9. The Bank and Prudential reserve the right to terminate all the above rewards at any time and to vary any of the above Terms and Conditions from time to time without prior notice. In case of disputes, the decision of the Bank and Prudential shall be final and binding.
  10. If there is any inconsistency or conflict between the English and the Chinese versions, the English version shall prevail.