360º Rewards Points

Product Category of Eligible Transactions Reward Basis No. of Points earned The Maximum Points earned (monthly)
1) Priority Banking Credit Card Every HKD1 spend for insurance payment1 1 No Limit
Priority Banking Credit Card Every HKD1 retail spending made locally1 2 No Limit
Priority Banking Credit Card Every HKD1 retail spending made overseas1 3 No Limit
2) Deposits

Structured Investments Series

Premium Deposit
Every HKD100,000 daily average balance in a month2 500 10,000
3) Investments Every HKD100,000 daily average balance in a month3 500 10,000
4) Insurance Every HKD100,000 daily average balance in a month3 500 10,000
5) Personal Instalment Loan Every HKD100,000 month end outstanding loan balance4 500 10,000
6) Mortgage Loan Every HKD100,000 month end outstanding loan balance4 100 10,000

1The Points are earned under the Standard Chartered Priority Banking Credit Card 360° Rewards Programme of Priority Banking Credit Card. For avoidance of doubt, clients will not earn any Priority Banking 360° Rewards on credit card spending.
2Based on total number of calendar days in the relevant month.
3Based on total number of days the Bank is open for business in the relevant month.
4As at the last calendar day in the relevant month.

Your Points can be accessed only through the prestigious Priority Banking Credit Card, which is the key to unlocking exclusive benefits and exceptional rewards from your total banking relationship with us.

With the 360º Rewards Catalogue, you can choose to redeem mileage, merchandise or cash coupon with 360º Rewards Points at your own choice through our website sc.com/hk.

Priority Banking clients must spend at least once in retail transaction (including monthly instalment and bill payment and only those transactions posted in the relevant monthly statement will be counted) with their principal Priority Banking Credit Card or make cash advance in a month with their principal Priority Banking Credit Card in order to enjoy Priority Banking 360˚ Rewards (“360˚ Rewards Points”) for that particular month.

Here is an example of how you can earn more Points on your Priority Banking Credit Card:

Existing portfolio of accounts Monthly Spend or Daily Average Balance in a
month or Month-end outstanding loan balance (where
applicable) (HKD)
No. of Points earned Points earned in one
1) Priority Banking Credit Card’s
local retail spending
7,000 14,000 168,000
2) Deposits
Structured Investments Series
Premium Deposit
800,000 4,000 48,000
3) Investments 300,000 1,500 18,000
4) Insurance 200,000 1,000 12,000
5) Personal Instalment Loan 100,000 500 6,000
6) Mortgage Loan 4,000,000 4,000 48,000
Total Points accumulated in a year 300,000*

*You can choose to redeem mileage, merchandise or cash coupons with Points at your own choice through our website sc.com/hk.

Not Protected under Deposit Protection Scheme
Structured Investment Series and Premium Deposit are NOT an alternative to ordinary saving or time deposit, and are NOT a protected deposit and NOT being protected under the Deposit Protection Scheme in Hong Kong.

^ Assume the Points earned monthly remain the same for the whole year for all product categories.
The above example is for reference only. The choice of reward is not guaranteed and is subject to the Bank’s 360˚ Rewards and/or the supplier’s reward scheme which will be amended from time to time. For the detailed Terms and Conditions, please refer to Appendix 1 .