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Going the extra mile and rewarding you more

Going the extra mile and rewarding you more

You expect your bank to help you achieve your aspirations. We understand that. As a privileged Priority Banking client, your relationship comes with our commitment to provide exceptional service and attention to your needs. To go the extra mile to get things done for you when it really counts.

Exceptional service without hassles

We value your relationship and regardless of what you need, we’re here to help.

Dedicated relationship manager 

Your relationship manager will manage your total financial relationship with the bank, help navigate the ever-changing economic environment and plan for your evolving needs.

Your relationship manager is well certified with comprehensive training to ensure they are equipped with the right skills.

Your relationship manager is supported by an experienced team of client service managers, and a team of qualified product and investment experts. With a team approach, you can be assured of always receiving the right level of service, expertise and attention.

Privileged access and preferential treatment
Enjoy the preferential service levels that you are accustomed to 200 Priority Banking centres worldwide as well as a 24×7 dedicated Priority Banking Hotline (852) 2886 8866.

Access to our Priority Banking Securities Services Hotline on (852) 2886 6000, where you can make direct securities order placement during trading days and enjoy other services anytime, including:

  • Stock trading and IPO applications
  • Stock price and Hang Seng Index enquiries
  • Stock account balance enquiries

Priority Banking Securities Services
Hotline Service Hours:
Trading days: 9:00 am-5:00 pm

Rewarding the whole relationship

Banking is about relationships, and at Priority Banking, that’s the principle that guides us. We recognise and reward your whole relationship with us.

  • 360° Rewards programme is just our way of saying thank you for banking with us. Earn rewards, not just on your card spend, but across deposits, investments, insurance, mortgage loan and more. With flexibility to redeem points for air miles, merchant coupons, exclusive gifts or cash rewards, or choose to earn Asia Miles directly
  • Preferential pricing on your deposits and loans, discounts and fee waivers on everyday banking transactions and on services like cheque books and cashier’s orders
  • Enjoy exclusive privileges and programs such as invitations to lifestyle and sporting events and investment seminars
  • At Priority Banking, we understand the importance of family. So we extend your Priority privileges to your immediate family as well
    • Global recognition* of Priority status
    • Complimentary supplementary Priority Banking Credit Card for your loved ones
    • Preferential pricing on banking transactions, and access to Priority Banking centres, teller counter queues and Priority Banking Hotline

* Upon clients request. Please contact our branch staff for details.

Priority Banking 360° Rewards

At the end of the day, it’s not only about making the right choice of financial partner in growing your wealth and maximising your returns. It’s also about indulging in the fruits of your banking relationship with us as you go along.

Choice of 360° Rewards Points or Asia Miles
That’s why we have introduced an exclusive, unique and differentiating total banking rewards scheme which allows you to earn 360° Rewards Points (Refer to Tables 1 and 2) (“Points“) or Asia Miles (Refer to Tables 3 and 4) (“Miles“) not only on your card spend, but on your banking accounts with us including deposits, structured investments series, premium deposit, investments, insurance, personal instalment loan and mortgage loan.

Details of Priority Banking 360º Rewards (360º Rewards Points)
Details of Priority Banking 360º Rewards (Asia Miles)

Privileged Pricing

Interest Rate for Current Account Overdraft Protection P – 1% p.a. P + 8%p.a.
Handling Fee for Current Account Overdraft Protection HKD60 per item (waived for clients applying for the Floating Overdraft Facility) HKD120 per item
Standing Instructions – Set Up Free HKD100 per item
Replacement of ATM Card Free HKD50 per card
Handling Fee* for Overseas ATM cash withdrawal Free JETCO/Mastercard/Cirrus/Visa/PLUS: HKD28
UnionPay: HKD15
Foreign exchange services
Foreign Currency Notes Deposit into/Withdraw from the Same Currency Account Limit on Currency and Amount
AUD: 3,000
CHF: 3,000
GBP 3,000
NZD 3,000
USD 7,500
CAD 3,000
EUR 3,000
JPY 300,000
SGD 3,000
Limit on Currency and Amount
AUD 1,500
CHF 1,500
GBP 1,500
NZD 1,500
USD 2,500
CAD 1,500
EUR 1,500
JPY 150,000
SGD 1,500
For amount below or equal to stated limit per client per day: Waived
Investment Fund – Lump sum subscription: Funds with subscription fees of 5% or above Less 1.5% subscription fee Less 0.25% subscription fee
Investment Fund – Monthly Investment Plan: With monthly investment amount of HKD5,000/USD650 or above Less 1.5% subscription fee Less 0.25% subscription fee
Online Securities Trading: Free real-time price quote plan (per month) 1,000 quotes 200 quotes
Inward Local Bank Transfer Payment through Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS, also known as Clearing House Automated Transfer System (CHATs)) Free HKD15 per transaction
Inward Telegraphic Transfer Free HKD65 per transaction
Outward Telegraphic Transfer – Other Banks HKD120 per request HKD200 per request
Outward Telegraphic Transfer – Additional Fee for Non-Domicile Currency Telegraphic Transfer HKD60 per request HKD100 per request
Outward Telegraphic Transfer – between Standard Chartered Waived HKD200 per request
Outward Demand Draft HKD50 per item HKD100 per item

* Not applicable to credit card cash advance.
The above fees and charges may be adjusted from time to time. For details, please contact your Relationship Manager.