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Terms and Conditions:
1. Standard Chartered 360° Rewards Points Conversion to MoneyBack Points ("Conversion") is only applicable to Cardholders of Standard Chartered Credit Card, Standard Chartered Gold Credit Card, Standard Chartered Titanium Credit Card, Standard Chartered Platinum Credit Card, Standard Chartered Visa Infinite Credit Card, Standard Chartered Priority Banking Credit Card, Standard Chartered Preferred Banking Credit Card, Standard Chartered Shop'n Gain Credit Card, SmarTone Smart Credit Card and ZIX Credit Card issued by the Standard Chartered Bank ("The Bank") under 360° Rewards Points Scheme ("Qualified Cards"). It is not applicable to Cardholders of Standard Chartered American Express® Card, Standard Chartered UnionPay Dual Currency Platinum Credit Card, ESPRIT Smart Credit Card, Corporate / Business Card, and Cards under Standard Chartered Cash Back Scheme.
2. Conversion is applicable at PARKnSHOP, ,, , or in Hong Kong with MoneyBack kiosks only.
3. Cardholders can convert their 360° Rewards Points of Qualified Cards to MoneyBack points at conversion rate of every 4,000 points to 1,000 MoneyBack points.
4. Once a conversion has been processed at the MoneyBack Kiosks, 360° Rewards Points will be deducted instantly and such conversion cannot be changed, cancelled or refunded.
5. Each Cardholder must convert a minimum of 1,000 MoneyBack points and in multiple of 1,000 MoneyBack points for each conversion. The maximum MoneyBack points that can be converted per MoneyBack account is 10,000 MoneyBack points per day.
The Bank accepts no liability for the quality of goods and service provided by PARKnSHOP, ,, , or including, without limitation, any matters arising in connection with the MoneyBack Kiosks.
7. Conversion is applicable to both principal and supplementary Qualified Cards accounts, and their 360° Rewards Points will be grouped under the principal account for Conversion. Each Conversion will be calculated base on 360° Rewards Points balance of each Qualified Cards account, Cardholder cannot combine 360° Rewards Points of different accounts for the Conversion (except 360° Rewards Points of Qualified Gold & Classic Cards under the same Cardholder will be automatically grouped for Conversion).
8. Any Conversion after the relevant Cardholder's account has been closed (whether voluntarily or involuntarily) shall not be valid and all accrued 360° Rewards Points on such accounts will become void with effect from the date of account closure.
9. To be eligible for the Conversion, the Qualified Cards account must be valid and in good financial standing at the time when the conversion is made. The bank reserves the right to refuse to issue or honour any MoneyBack points if the Cardholder has ever failed to pay on or before the relevant due date any Minimum Payment Dues specified in the monthly statement of Credit Card account issued in the Billing Year.
10. Unless otherwise specified, the terms and conditions for Standard Chartered 360° Rewards Program and MoneyBack Program shall apply. For details, please visit www.standardchartered.com.hk/rewards or www.moneyback.com.hk.
11. The Bank reserves the right to revise the Terms and Conditions of the Standard Chartered 360° Rewards Program and the Terms and Conditions of this Promotion from time to time. In case of disputes arising out of this promotion, the decision of the Bank and MoneyBack shall be final.
12. If there is any inconsistency or conflict between the English and Chinese versions, the English version shall prevail.

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