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Standard Chartered 360° Rewards Redemption Platform

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Standard Chartered 360° Rewards Redemption Platform

Note to 360° Rewards

Below amendments on rewards redemption will be effective from 2 December 2019:

• All vouchers, charity and merchandises will be removed from the 360° Rewards Catalogue
• Cash and Air Miles redemption service via our 24-hour Customer Service Hotline will be terminated, yet, you can still register or update your Air Miles membership via our 24-hour Customer Service Hotline.

For customers who are Standard Chartered Asia Miles MasterCard cardholder or have registered Asia Miles membership information (including Air Miles membership number and name) as Bank’s records, you can redeem mileage via Online Banking instantly offering you faster service.

Please click here to login 360° Rewards Redemption Platform via Standard Chartered Online Banking to browse and redeem rewards available. If you are non-Online Banking user, please click here for registration guideline.

Standard Chartered 360° Rewards

360° Rewards Redemption Platform – the easiest way to redeem rewards with your earned Points and CashBack.

Ready for online rewards redemption

Access to 360° Rewards


  • Simply log in the 360° Rewards Redemption Platform to redeem your favourite items
    • Login Now using your current Standard Chartered Online Banking username and password


  • You just need your ATM Card/ credit card and personal information for registration. Please follow the steps below to register Standard Chartered Online Banking

360° Rewards Redemption Platform

360° Rewards Redemption Platform maximises the benefits of Points or CashBack. Enjoy the following benefits for a better redemption experience:

  • One-stop redemption platform to Standard Chartered & MANHATTAN credit cardholders for Points and CashBack redemption
  • A vast array of gifts redemption including electronics, home & family, lifestyle, travel and more
  • Flexible conversion of your Points or CashBack to cash or air miles
  • Manage your Points and CashBack with more flexibility:
    • “Points plus Pay” feature allows you to redeem selected Rewards with a combination of Points and cash. You don’t need to wait until you accumulate sufficient Points for redemption.
    • Combine Points or CashBack from your Standard Chartered and MANHATTAN credit cards for gift redemption
  • Receive SMS and e-mail confirmation upon redemption

A more secure online rewards redemption experience

  • To provide you a more secure online rewards redemption experience, effective from early May 2017, an One-time Password (“OTP”) will be required when you perform designated rewards redemptions via 360° Rewards Redemption Platform. No registration is required for this enhanced service. Simply maintain an updated and valid mobile phone number with the Bank, and you can enjoy a peace of mind rewards redemption experience.
  • Protect your Online Banking account from unauthorised access. Always take good care of your username and password, and keep your password and devices updated regularly. Check out Online and Mobile Security Tips or call 2886 8868.

Update your mobile phone number with ease
  • If you need to update your mobile phone number with the Bank, please submit your request via the following channels:
    • Download the Change of Customer Information Request Form and mail it back to the Bank
    • Visit any of our branch to submit the Change of Customer Information Request Form
    • Call our Customer Service Hotline at 2886 4111 (Standard Chartered Credit Card) or 2881 0888 (MANHATTAN Card) for the Change of Customer Request Form and mail back to the Bank.


  1. The service is only applicable to the Principal Cardholder with a valid Hong Kong mobile phone number registered with the credit card system of the Bank.
  2. OTP is only applicable to local mobile phone numbers starting with 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9. Cardholders with mobile phone numbers starting with other digit are not able to complete the relevant online rewards redemptions.

Beware of Fraudulent Emails & Websites

4 April 2014

Please be aware of suspicious emails and websites that attempt to compromise your confidential information and encourage you to undertake fraudulent transactions. You are advised to always access Online Banking via our website and never respond to unsolicited communication on email or phone (e.g. from fraudsters pretending to be your friends, suppliers or business associates, and asking for payment).

Standard Chartered Bank will never ask you to submit personal information or account details (usernames and passwords) over email or phone.

Notice of Change: Mileage Redemption via Online Banking from 18 November 2018

To provide you with a more convenient and secure rewards redemption experience, effective from 18 November 2018:

For customer who performed mileage redemption during April to November 2018, your Air Miles membership information (including Air Miles membership number and name) has been verified and registered as Bank’s records. You can now redeem mileage via Online Banking*.

For Standard Chartered Asia Miles Mastercard cardholder, your Asia Miles membership information has been automatically registered after verification by the Bank. You can also redeem mileage via Online Banking.

For other customers who want to redeem mileage via Online Banking, or if you want to change your Air Miles membership information registered with us, please contact our 24-hour Customer Service Hotline: 2886 4111 (Standard Chartered credit card) / 2881 0888 (MANHATTAN credit card).

*If you cannot find your Air Miles membership information to perform mileage redemption, please contact our Bank.

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