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Love Nature Promotion banner with Mickey and Minnie

Up to 1.50%p.a. HKD Savings Rate, up to HKD2,600 Cash Rebate and Limited Edition Disney Gift Set

Embrace nature with Mickey & Friends and go green with us

From 1 June to 2 July 2022 (“Promotion Period”), open a Sustainable Savings Account (“SSA”) with designated New Funds1 to enjoy up to 1.50%p.a. HKD Savings Rate, up to HKD2,600 Cash Rebate and a Limited Edition Disney Mickey Bamboo Platter Set. Create a greener future for our next generation.

Sustainable Savings Account Savings Rate

Enjoy the following preferential interest rate for the deposit balance (*with a cap of HKD/RMB30,000,000 or USD3,750,000) in your Designated SSA during the period between the sign-up date of the SSA to 5 October 2022.
DAILY BALANCE IN THE Sustainable Savings Account
HKD $200,000 or below 0.80%
Above $200,000 – $30,000,000 1.50%
USD $25,000 or below 0.80%
Above $25,000 – $3,750,000 1.50%
RMB $200,000 or below 1.80%
Above $200,000 – $30,000,000 2.80%

Limited-time Bonus Offer

HKD1,000,000 to less than HKD2,000,000 HKD1,200
USD125,000 to less than USD250,000
RMB1,000,000 to less than RMB2,000,000
HKD2,000,000 or above / USD250,000 or above / RMB2,000,000 or above HKD2,600


  1. “New Funds” refers to the net growth in the client’s total deposit balance of all designated currency deposits accounts with the Bank as at the opening date of such new SSA (which includes the amount of any funds transferred into any such new savings account(s) account as a result of currency exchange from foreign currency savings account(s)), when compared with the client’s total balance of all such designated deposit accounts as at 31 May 2022. Such deposit balance shall take into account the balance under time deposit accounts, savings accounts, current accounts and any savings sub-account and current sub-account under an Integrated Deposits Account but exclude the balance under any MortgageOne® account and any joint name account of which the client is not the primary account holder.

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