We are committed to providing superior retirement benefit products and services that meet the needs of employees at small and medium-sized companies in Hong Kong.

Capitalised terms contained herein shall have the same meanings as defined in the explanatory memorandum of Standard Chartered Provident Plan

  • The Standard Chartered Provident Plan allows Employers to establish a Scheme. The Constituent Fund(s) of each Scheme will invest in Designated Fund(s) that primarily invests in equities, debt securities and/or money market securities, each with a different risk profile.
  • Designated Funds which invest in debt securities rated below investment grade may be subject to higher credit and counterparty risks than funds investing in debt securities of higher credit ratings.
  • Designated Funds which invest in emerging markets or in small capitalization companies may be subject to higher liquidity and volatility risks and Designated Funds which invest in a particular market or sector may be subject to a higher concentration risk than funds following a more diversified policy.
  • You should consider your own risk tolerance level and financial circumstances before making any investment choices. When, in your selection of funds, you are in doubt as to whether a certain fund is suitable for you (including whether it is consistent with your investment objectives), you should seek financial and/or professional advice and choose the fund(s) most suitable for you taking into account your circumstances.
  • Please be reminded that if a new Member with Member Choice fails to make any investment choices, the relevant invested amounts will be invested into the default fund, which is currently Schroder HK Money Market Fund (SCPP) which may not necessarily be suitable for you. For an existing Member, if Member Choice becomes available, failing to make any investment choices will result in the relevant invested amounts being invested according to the existing investment mandate which may not necessarily be suitable for you.
  • You should not invest base on the website alone and should read the explanatory memorandum of Standard Chartered Provident Plan for further details including fees, charges and risk factors.
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Explanatory Memorandum

Important Notes:
Investment involves risk. Past performance is not necessarily a guide to future performance. Please refer to the Explanatory Memorandum for further details.

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